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Cement production
Cement production

Union Minister of Commerce and Industry, Piyush Goyal has informed that As per the information provided by the State Government of Jharkhand, the closed Japla Cement factory in Palamu is a private sector unit. Since this company was ridden with debt of financial institutions, the process for its auction conducted by Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) through advertisement could not succeed twice due to non-participation by any company/agency/institution.  State Government’s efforts to revive this plant in partnership with various private companies like ACC Ltd., Ultratech Cement, Dalmia Cement, Shree Cement and Star Cement met with no success.  No industrialist agreed to purchase/operate this plant.

In deference to the Orders dated 17.05.2018 passed by the High Court of Patna for its liquidation, the machinery of the unit has been auctioned.

On 28.08.2018,State Government requested to the Official Liquidator of the High Court of Patnaregarding transfer of 137.99 Bigha lease hold property of the unit for development as an industrial area.

The details of functional cement factories/units in the country as per information available with the Department are given below:

Sl. No. Company Plant
1 ACC Limited Damodhar Cement Works
2 ACC Limited Bargarh Cement Works
3 ACC Limited Chaibasa Cement Works
4 ACC Limited Chanda Cement Works
5 ACC Limited Gagal Cement Works-I
6 ACC Limited Gagal Cement Works-Ii
7 ACC Limited Jamul Cement Works
8 ACC Limited Kudithini Cement Works
9 ACC Limited Kymore Cement Works
10 ACC Limited Lakheri Cement Works
11 ACC Limited Madhukkarai Cement Works
12 ACC Limited New Wadi Cement Works
13 ACC Limited Sindri Cement Works
14 ACC Limited Thondebhavi Cement Works
15 ACC Limited Tikaria Cement Works
16 ACC Limited Vizag Cement Works
17 ACC Limited Wadi Cement Works
18 Ambuja Cement Ltd Ambuja Nagar
19 Ambuja Cement Ltd Bhatapara
20 Ambuja Cement Ltd Bhatinda (G)
21 Ambuja Cement Ltd Dadri (G)
22 Ambuja Cement Ltd Darlaghat
23 Ambuja Cement Ltd Farakka (G)
24 Ambuja Cement Ltd Magdalla (G)
25 Ambuja Cement Ltd Maratha
26 Ambuja Cement Ltd Nalagarh (G)
27 Ambuja Cement Ltd Rabriyawas
28 Ambuja Cement Ltd Roorkee (G)
29 Ambuja Cement Ltd Ropar (G)
30 Ambuja Cement Ltd Sankrail (G)
31 Anjani Portland Cement Ltd Anjani Portland Cement Ltd
32 Asian Concretes Cement Ltd Asian Concretes Cement Ltd
33 Barak Valley Cements Ltd Barak Valley Cements Ltd
34 Burnpur Cement Limited Burnpur Cement Limited
35 Bagalkot Cement &Inds. Ltd Bagalkot Cement &Inds. Ltd
36 Bharti Cement Corpn. Pvt. Ltd Bharti Cement Corpn. Pvt. Ltd
37 Bhavya Cement Ltd Bhavya Cement Ltd
38 Birla Corporation Ltd Raebareli Cement Works
39 Birla Corporation Ltd Chanderia Cement Works
40 Birla Corporation Ltd DurgaHitech Cement
41 Birla Corporation Ltd Durgapur Cement Works
42 Birla Corporation Ltd Birla Vikas&Satna Cement Works
43 Cement Corporation of India Ltd Bokajan
44 Cement Corporation of India Ltd Rajban
45 Cement Corporation of India Ltd Tandur
46 Century Textiles and Industries Ltd Century Cement
47 Century Textiles and Industries Ltd Maihar Cement and Maihar Cement-Unit 2
48 Century Textiles and Industries Ltd Manikgarh Cement and Manikgarh Cement Unit-II
49 Century Textiles and Industries Ltd Sonar Bangla Cement
50 Chettinad Cement Corpn. Ltd Ariyalur
51 Chettinad Cement Corpn. Ltd Puliyur
52 Chettinad Cement Corpn. Ltd Karikali
53 Chettinad Cement Corpn. Ltd Kallur
54 Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd Adhunik Cement Ltd
55 Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd Alsthom Industries Ltd.
56 Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd Calcom Cement India Ltd
57 Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd Belgaum
58 Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd Ariyalur
59 Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd Dalmiapuram
60 Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd Kadapa
61 Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd Bokaro
62 Deccan Cement Ltd Decan Cement Ltd
63 Emami Cement Ltd. Panagarh
64 Emami Cement Ltd. Bhatapara
65 Gujarat Sidhee Cement Ltd Gujarat Sidhee Cement Ltd
66 Green Valliey Industries Limited Green Valliey Industries Limited
67 Heidelberg Cement India Ltd Ammasandra
68 Heidelberg Cement India Ltd Damoh
69 Heidelberg Cement India Ltd Jhansi
70 Hemandari Cement Ltd Hemandari Cement Ltd
71 India Cements Ltd Chilamkur Works
72 India Cements Ltd Dalavoi
73 India Cements Ltd Parli
74 India Cements Ltd Raasi Cement
75 India Cements Ltd SankariDurg
76 India Cements Ltd Sankarnagar
77 India Cements Ltd Trinetra
78 India Cements Ltd Visaka Cement
79 India Cements Ltd Yerraguntla
80 India Cements Ltd Vallur
81 J.K. Cement Ltd Gotan
82 J.K. Cement Ltd Jharli
83 J.K. Cement Ltd Mangrol
84 J.K. Cement Ltd Muddapur
85 J.K. Cement Ltd Nimbahera
86 J. S. W Cement Ltd J. S. W Cement Ltd – Dolvi
87 J. S. W Cement Ltd J. S. W Cement Ltd – Nandyal
88 J. S. W Cement Ltd J. S. W Cement Ltd – Vijaynagar
89 Jaiprakash Associates Ltd Rewa
90 Jaiprakash Associates Ltd Bhilai
91 Jaiprakash Associates Ltd SadvaKhurd
92 Jaiprakash Associates Ltd Chunar
93 Jaiprakash Associates Ltd Durga Cement Works
94 Jaiprakash Associates Ltd CHURK INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX
95 Jaiprakash Associates Ltd Visaka Cement Works
96 Jammu & Kashmir Cements Ltd Jammu & Kashmir Cement Ltd.
97 JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd Jharli
98 JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd Kalol
99 JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd – Durg
100 JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd Sirohi
101 Kalburgi Cement Pvt Ltd. Kalburgi Cement Pvt Ltd.
102 K. J. S. Cement Ltd K. J. S. Cement Ltd
103 K.C.P. Ltd Muktyala
104 K.C.P. Ltd Macherla
105 Kakatiya Cement & Sugar Industries Ltd. Kakatiya Cement & Sugar Industries Ltd.
106 Kalyanpur Cements Ltd Kalyanpur Cements Ltd
107 Kamdhenu Cement Ltd Kamdhenu Cement Ltd
108 Kesoram Cement Basant Nagar
109 Kesoram Cement Vasavadatta
110 Malabar Cements Ltd Palakkad
111 Malabar Cements Ltd Pallipuram
112 Mancherial Cement Ltd Mancherial Cement Ltd
113 Mangalam Cement Ltd Mangalam Cement Ltd &Neershree
114 MawmluhCherra Cements Ltd MawmluhCherra Cements Ltd
115 Meghalaya Cements Ltd Meghalaya Cements Ltd.
116 My Home Industries Private Limited My Home Industries Ltd
117 My Home Industries Private Limited My Home Industries Ltd-Vizag
119 Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd Mejia Cement Plant
120 Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd Arasmeta Cement Plant
121 Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd Sonadih Cement Plant
122 Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd Bhiwani Cement Plant
123 Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd Chittor Cement Plant
124 Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd Jojobera Cement Plant
125 OCL India Ltd Kapilas
126 OCL India Ltd Medinpur
127 OCL India Ltd Rajgangpur
128 Orient Cement Chittapur
129 Orient Cement Devapur
130 Orient Cement Jalgaon
131 Panyam Cement & Mineral Industries Ltd Panyam Cement & Mineral Industries Ltd.
132 Parasakti Cement Ltd Parasakti Cement Ltd
133 Penna Cement Industries Ltd Boyareddypalli
134 Penna Cement Industries Ltd Ganeshpahad
135 Penna Cement Industries Ltd Tadipatri
136 Penna Cement Industries Ltd Tandur
137 Prism Cement Ltd. Prism Cement Ltd. – I & II
139 Ratna Cements (Y) Ltd, Yadwad Ratna Cements (Y) Ltd, Yadwad
140 Rain Cements Ltd Rain Cements Ltd- UN -I
141 Rain Cements Ltd Rain Cements Ltd- UN- II- Line I
142 Rain Cements Ltd Rain Cements Ltd- UN II- Line II
143 Reliance Cement Company Private Limited Reliance Cement Company Private Limited
144 RNB Cements (P) Ltd RNB Cements (P) Ltd
145 Sagar Cement Ltd Sagar Cement Ltd – I
146 Sagar Cement Ltd Sagar Cement Ltd – Gudipadu
147 Sagar Cement Ltd Sagar Cement Ltd – Mattampally
148 Sanghi Cement Ltd Sanghi Industries Ltd
149 Saurashtra Cement Ltd Saurashtra Cement Ltd
150 Shree Cement Ltd Bangur Cement
151 Shree Cement Ltd Bihar Cement Plant
152 Shree Cement Ltd New Bihar Cement Plant
153 Shree Cement Ltd Ras New Cement Unit
154 Shree Cement Ltd Unit Panipat
155 Shree Cement Ltd Unit Kodla
156 Shree Cement Ltd Jaipur
157 Shree Cement Ltd Khushkhera
158 Shree Cement Ltd Ras
159 Shree Cement Ltd Roorkee
160 Shree Cement Ltd Suratgarh
161 Shree Cement Ltd Beawar
162 Shree Cement Ltd Bhatapara
163 Shree Cement Ltd UP Grinding Unit – Bulandshahr
164 Shree Digvijay Cement Co. Ltd Shree Digvijay Cement Co. Ltd
165 Shree Jagjothi Cement Ltd Shree Jagjothi Cement Ltd
166 Shriram Cement Works Shriram Cement Works
167 SreeJayajothi Cements Pvt. Ltd. SreeJayajothi Cements Pvt. Ltd.
168 Srikalahasthi pipes limited Cement Plant
169 Start Cement Ltd Guwahati
170 Start Cement Ltd Megha T & E Ltd
171 Start Cement Ltd Meghalaya
172 Tamil Nadu Cements Corpn. Ltd. Alangulam
173 Tamil Nadu Cements Corpn. Ltd. Ariyalur
174 Tatachemicals Ltd Tatachemicals Ltd
179 THE RAMCO CEMENTS LIMITED Ramasamyraja Nagar
182 UltraTech Cement Ltd Baga Cement Works
183 UltraTech Cement Ltd Bagheri Cement Works
184 UltraTech Cement Ltd Balaji Cement Works
185 UltraTech Cement Ltd Bela Cement Works
186 UltraTech Cement Ltd Dalla Cement Works
187 UltraTech Cement Ltd Roorkee Cement Works
188 UltraTech Cement Ltd Sidhi Cement Works
189 UltraTech Cement Ltd Sikandarabad Cement Works
190 UltraTech Cement Ltd Tanda Cement Works
191 UltraTech Cement Ltd Birla White
192 UltraTech Cement Ltd Dankuni Cement Works
193 UltraTech Cement Ltd Jhajjar
194 UltraTech Cement Ltd Nagpur
195 UltraTech Cement Ltd Patliputra Cement Works
196 UltraTech Cement Ltd Sewagram Cement Works
197 UltraTech Cement Ltd Wanakbori
198 UltraTech Cement Ltd AP Cement Works
199 UltraTech Cement Ltd Hirmi Cement Works
200 UltraTech Cement Ltd Gujarat Cement Works
201 UltraTech Cement Ltd JafrabadCementWorks
202 UltraTech Cement Ltd Magdalla Cement Works
203 UltraTech Cement Ltd Panipat Cement Works
204 UltraTech Cement Ltd Rawan Cement Works
205 UltraTech Cement Ltd Aditya Cement Works
206 UltraTech Cement Ltd Aligarh Cement Works
207 UltraTech Cement Ltd Arakkonam Cement Works
208 UltraTech Cement Ltd Awarpur Cement Works
209 UltraTech Cement Ltd Bathinda Cement Works
210 UltraTech Cement Ltd Dadri Cement Works
211 UltraTech Cement Ltd Ginigera Cement Works (G)
212 UltraTech Cement Ltd Hotgi Cement Works
213 UltraTech Cement Ltd Jharsuguda Cement Works
214 UltraTech Cement Ltd Kotputli Cement Works
215 UltraTech Cement Ltd Rajashree Cement Works
216 UltraTech Cement Ltd Ratnagiri Cement Works
217 UltraTech Cement Ltd Reddipalayam Cement Works
218 UltraTech Cement Ltd Vikram Cement Works
219 UltraTech Cement Ltd West Bengal Cement Works
220 UltraTechNathdwara Cement Ltd Sikar (Formerly Binani Cement)
221 UltraTechNathdwara Cement Ltd Sirohi (Formerly Binani Cement)
222 Udaipur Cement Works Limited Udaipur Cement Works Limited
223 ViketSagar Cement ViketSagar Cement
224 Wonder Cement Ltd Wonder Cement Ltd
225 Zuari Cement Ltd Chennai
226 Zuari Cement Ltd Sitapuram
227 Zuari Cement Ltd Yerraguntla

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