Status Check on Water Level of Reservoirs

Seasonal reservoir filling
Seasonal reservoir filling

PIB News Update:  Union Minister of State for Jal Shakti & Social Justice and Empowerment, Shri Rattan Lal Kataria has informed that Water levels of reservoirs vary regularly depending on the rainfall in catchment area, evaporation, water releases etc. Central  Water  Commission  is  monitoring  live  storage  status  of  123  reservoirs  of  the country on weekly basis and is issuing weekly bulletin on every Thursday. The detailed Bulletin is available at  total  live  storage  capacity  of  these  123  reservoirs  is  171.090  BCM  which  is about  66.36%  of  the  live  storage  capacity  of  257.812 BCM  which  is estimated  to  have been  created  in  the  country.  As  per  reservoir  storage  bulletin  dated  05.03.2020,  live storage available in these reservoirs is 97.487 BCM, which is 57% of total live storage capacity  of  these  reservoirs.  However,  last  year  the  live  storage  available  in  these reservoirs for the corresponding period was 62.85 BCM and the average of last 10 years live  storage  was  65.95  BCM.   Thus,  the  live  storage  available  in  123  reservoirs  as  per 05.03.2020 Bulletin is 155% of the live storage of corresponding period of last year and 148% of storage of average of last ten years. States having better storage (in %) than last year for corresponding period are Rajasthan, Jharkhand,  Odisha,  West  Bengal,  Nagaland,  Gujarat,  Maharashtra,  Uttar  Pradesh, Uttarakhand,  Madhya  Pradesh,  Chhattisgarh,  Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.  States having lesser storage (in %) than last year for corresponding period are Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Tripura.

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