Pramendra Kumar awarded Nao Sena Medal (Gallantry)

Pramendra Kumar
Pramendra Kumar

Shri Pramendra Kumar, CPO (CD), 122271-R has been awarded Nao Sena Medal (Gallantry). The sailor has been working as Diving Supervisor/Dog Handler in CCDT(K) since May 15. The sailor reported to CCDT (Kochi) on 20 May 15. The citation highlights the role played by the above sailor during OP MADAD undertaken in the state of Kerala in Aug 2018, following widespread flooding in multiple districts, consequent to opening of Dams in the high ranges. The District Administration, Ernakulam had sought presence of a rescue diving team on 07 Aug 18, to meet any emergent flooding situation at Aluva, anticipating Dam gates being opened in view of excessive rains.
Accordingly 02 diving teams led by the sailor were deployed on 09 Aug 18 at Aluva. The incessant rain forced the administration to open the dam gates PM 15 Aug 18, thereby causing floods in most of the district. The task of the team started when District Collector Ernakulam Mr. K Mohammed Shafirulla directed his team to proceed to Pizhala Island, the worst affected area, for rescue operations.

After being dropped at the island, the sailor took the lead and drove his Gemini (inflatable craft) across the seven islands viz, Pizhala, Kadamkudi, Moolamvelli, Kothad, Periyamthruth, Cheriyamthurath and Chennur. This step by the sailor was a ray of hope for the people who saw the naval boat in the islands. His operation started when he rescued 04 fishing boats with faulty Out Board Motors from drifting in the strong currents. Applying timely presence of mind he towed all the four boats closer to the shore, thereby securing them safely with no loss of life. With the heavy downpour and the strong currents the islands were completely flooded under more than two feet of water, forcing the local population to leave their homes. Once again, Pramendra Kumar CPO(CD) took the initiative and undertook several trips in his Gemini, firstly to locate marooned people and then to rescue them. P Kumar CPO(CD) rescued a total of 1459 people which included small children, aged people, pregnant women and sick personnel. In all he undertook 07 late night operations and continued the rescue till the last person was evacuated. All these were undertaken in conditions where no other rescue effort was possible.

The sailor and his team carried out these night operations until 20 Aug18, themselves surviving on bread and pickle to eat. The fearless and determined approach, experience and positive attitude of Pramendra Kumar, during those nights  proved instrumental in saving innumerable lives among the local populace. His team was the only hope for the public affected by flooded homes and rapid currents. His efforts have earned him a written appreciation by the Ernakulam District collector apart from the people he saved. The operations undertaken under the leadership of Pramendra Kumar CPO CD enhanced the image of the Indian navy among the local populace, administration and media.

For his timely and courageous leadership resulting in saving 1459 marooned people around Pizhala Islands, Pramendra Kumar, CPO (CD), 122271-R has been awarded Nao Sena Medal (Gallantry).

Indian Bureaucracy Dot Com wishes Shri Pramendra Kumar the very best.

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