TCS Collaborates with Indusface- AWS to Protect Website & Prevent DDoS Attacks


Indusface, a leading provider of application security solutions for web and mobile applications, today announced that Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has been successfully implementing the IndusGuard suite of products to safeguard their website and online applications. A live webinar was conducted in association with TCS and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to discuss how TCS deploys Indusface and AWS solutions to protect their website and mitigate DDoS attacks.

Mr Kinshuk De, Business Operations, Enterprise Security Risk Management at TCS says, “Blurring of enterprise boundaries has increased the attack surface, vulnerabilities and concerns related to web application security. While we are also in the business of providing dedicated and shared services enterprise security to global customers, in today’s environment it has become necessary to collaborate with leading industry partners for their expertise in certain areas. Therefore, we decided to partner with Indusface, a leading provider of application security solutions.”

TCS is a global leader in IT services, catering to a large number of customers spread across different geographic locations. The TCS-ESRM (Enterprise security Risk Management) practice is responsible for securing 100000+ devices, 25+ Dedicated SOCs & one Shared Services Security Operations Center, and caters to more than 300 customers globally. The company runs multiple web applications including a Cyber Security Community platform that brings together security practitioners and experts, both from TCS community and customers to share ideas, security experiences and collaborate. Ensuring complete security and protection of user information on such applications is of paramount importance to the company. Therefore, they decided to partner with Indusface for safeguarding their online applications by deploying the Total Application Security solutions from Indusface.

“The ever evolving threat environment and technology makes the risks to information, application and infrastructure challenging to anticipate and quantify. Enterprises, today, face greater risks from sophisticated attack of increasing complexity than ever before.Applications are being updated continuously with new modules being added every day. In such an environment, it is essential for us to maintain complete confidentiality, integrity and availability across all applications,” explains Mr Kinshuk De.”Indusface has provided us continuous monitoring and complete protection of our applications from various attack vectors. Their solution is policy-driven which allowed us to set up custom rules according to our infrastructure and the specific requirements we have.”

Mr Venkatesh Sundar, CTO at Indusface says, “Statistics show that 75% of the attacks take place at the application layer and can take as much as 100 days to fix. Application layer attacks can easily bypass security infrastructure. Indusface provides Total Application Security solutions that detect, protect and monitor the TCS web applications from any such attacks.”INDUSFACE--indianbureaucracy

A leading provider of online services for other web sites or client-side applications, AWS currently offers its services to more than a million customers globally. AWS provides the infrastructure for its customers to host their applications on. The AWS infrastructure has been certified by credible external auditors such as ISO, HIPAA, FISMA and so on.

Mr Santanu Dutt, Solutions Architect at AWS says, “More enterprises are adopting the AWS solutions today because of our emphasis on security. One single breach or an attack has the capacity to affect the credibility of any organisation. We believe in offering Visibility, Auditability and Control to our clients.”