36000 MUs 2017 Target for Nuclear Energy Generation


The electricity generation from nuclear power in the last two years i.e. 2014-15 and 2015-16 was 37835 Million Units (MUs) and 37456 MUs respectively. The generation in 2014-15 comprised of 35592 MU of commercial generation and 2243 MU of infirm (non commercial) generation, while the entire generation in 2015-16 was commercial.

The targets for electricity generation from nuclear power are set on an annual basis as a part of the MoU with the administrative ministry. The MoU target for electricity generation from nuclear power for 2016-17 is 36000 MU excluding infirm (non commercial) power. Adequate quantity of fuel has been provided by the Government to meet the target. The generation in 2016-17 (upto February 2017) has been 34137 MUs (excluding infirm power). In addition, 2086 MUs of infirm (non-commercial) power has also been generated in the current year (upto February 2017).

There is no proposal for private sector participation in nuclear power generation in the country. However, private sector is involved in a big way in nuclear power sector, in supply of components & equipment, execution of large work packages and in provision of services.

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