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SafetySecurityPassenger _indianbureaucracy
SafetySecurityPassenger _indianbureaucracy

Policing on Railways being a State subject, prevention of crime, registration of cases, their investigation and maintenance of law and order in Railway premises as well as on running trains are the statutory responsibility of the State Governments, which they discharge through Government Railway Police (GRP). However, Railway Protection Force (RPF) supplements the efforts of the GRP to provide security to passengers including women.

The following measures are being taken by Railways for safety and security of passengers including women passengers in trains:

1. On vulnerable and identified routes/ sections, 2500 trains (on an average) are escorted by Railway Protection Force daily, in addition to 2200 trains escorted by Government Railway Police of different States daily.

2. The ladies special trains running in Metropolitan cities are being escorted by lady RPF constables.

3. The ladies compartments in sub-urban trains running in metropolitan cities are being escorted by RPF and GRP. Staff deployment is made during late night and early morning in such trains to ensure proper security to the lady passengers.

4. Security Help Line number 182 is made operational over Indian Railways for security related assistance to passengers in distress.

5. Regular drives are conducted to prevent entry of male passengers in compartments reserved for ladies, and if found, they are prosecuted under the provisions of Railways Act.

6. Surveillance is kept through CCTV cameras, provided at about 344 stations over Indian Railways, to ensure safety and security of passengers.

7. RPF holds regular coordination meetings with State Police at all levels to ensure proper registration and investigation of crime by GRP.

(b): Regular analysis of passenger crime is done to identify the affected trains, stations and sections and accordingly security arrangements are made for the safety and security of passengers in close co-ordination with GRP.

The Security Help Line 182 has been very effective in meeting security related complaints of passengers. During the year 2015 and 2016 (upto June), 7897 and 6092 number of complaints were received respectively over Help Line number 182. The routes on Central Railway followed by North Central Railway and Northern Railway are found to be receiving maximum number of complaints.

Presently, provision of CCTV on 500 coaches including for ladies compartments has been sanctioned. Provision of CCTV for ladies compartment shall be done progressively as induction of coaches and earmarking of ladies compartment in coaches is a continual process.

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