Prediction for 22nd – 23rd Nov, 2023 by Anoothie Vedic Astrology

Col Manoj Mehrotra Shastri_Vedic Astrology
Col Manoj Mehrotra Shastri_Vedic Astrology

Today’s Panchang

 Month – Kartik
 Paksha – Shukla Paksha
 Tithi – Dashmi up to 11:03 PM on 22 Nov, Ekadashi up to 9:01 PM on 23 Nov
 Moon- Kumbh up to 12:58 PM on 22 Nov, Meen up to 4:01 PM on 24 Nov 23
 Nakshatra – Poorv Bhadra up to 6:37 PM on 22 Nov, Uttar Bhadrapad up to 5:16
AM on 23 Nov 23, Revati up to 4:37 Am on 24 Nov

Colour of the Day  Wednesday – Favourable colour is green and shades of green. You can combine with golden, cream, white, pink, magenta, red, ornage, yellow, shades of
yellow, black, dark blue, checks of black and blue. Avoid light blue and off white colours. Thursday – Favourable colours are yellow, shades of yellow, golden, cream, light blue, off white, red, orange, grey, checks of black and blue, black, dark blue. Avoid green, shades of green, pink, magenta white.

Prediction Based on Moon Signs

Aries(Mesh) – On Wednesday, you may have to move away from home and work hard, but it still may not yield good results due to egoistic decisions or egoistic communication. You should be careful while working physically, as you can get hurt too. You will be scared of enemies as relations with males will generally be strained. Wear silver, seek blessings of
sister, feed roti to dogs and recite Hanuman Chalisa. On Thursday, you will not feel well withbody ache, eye problems and problems at work as younger females will not cooperate.
However, you will get respect and win over enemies. It is a good time to talk about marriage, if not yet married. There can be disputes in family, but you can be on the verge of starting a new job, with increased respect and responsibilities. You will be booming with confidence, but do not be over confidence. Keep yourself hydrated and pray to your Guru and Shiv ji.

Taurus(Vrishabh) –Wednesday will give physical and mental issues to family and you will
feel shortage of food and resources. You will have difference of opinion and quarrel with
spouse as well as with professional partner making you feel sad. Visit Hanuman Mandir, light a ghee Deepak, recite Hanuman Chalisa and distribute sweets. On Thursday, you will
necessarily spend on religious function and can have restlessness. You should pay attention to your food habits for two days. Be careful while dealing with spouse as communication can lead to quarrels and unsuccessful journeys. There can be loss from state and other physical problems. Otherwise, you will have good income due to profit from liquids as well as with help of women. Recite Sankat Nashan Ganesh srotra and pray to Ganesh ji.

Gemini(Mithun) – On Wednesday, you should be careful while dealing with state
authorities as well as dealing with younger males. Work hard, keep to yourself and you will
get good returns, enjoy good food and will win over enemies. Your influence will increase
and you will enjoy good health. Keep your ego aside. Offer jal to Surya , donate rice and pray to Shiv pariwar. Wednesday is auspicious and can give new sources of income, progress in profession. If having a court case, you can get an upper edge. You will get success at work and enjoy good health as well as respect from state. There will be happiness at home. You will be able to defeat enemies. Thank your Guru and Ganesh ji.

Cancer(Kark) – Wednesday will give you poor health and arguments with mental tension
also as kids may fall sick. Your prestige and glory may have a setback with problems from
enemies. There can be arguments due to emotional issues and therefore mental disturbance. Offer gram pulse in mandir, pray to Shiv ji. At night, keep water on headboard and pour in plants in morning. Thursday will be a mixed day. Your plans can fail giving you mental worries. You will keep worried about spouse and kids and there can be problems from state as well as younger males. Enemies will be on the lookout for cracks in team. Despite this, with help and advise from elders, there will be progress in profession and you can improve your systems in profession. You may contact officials but need to deal with them with maturity. Wear silver, pray to Shiv pariwar.

Leo(Sinh) – Wednesday you may find a sudden spurt in enemy activities as well as
opposition from family. You are likely to feel shortage of resources and problems of
property. However, you may enjoy a short trip with limited success due to hard work. You
should work strictly as per rules. Visit a temple and pour sweet milk in Banyan tree, and
apply wet mud on navel. Thursday will be mixed for you. On one hand you will be benefitted in wealth, property/ land and you make friends with knowledgeable people at high positions. Family will be happy. You amy make plans for the future and feel mentally healthy with minor physical health issues. You can complete pending tasks and shoulder additional responsibilities. Keep emotions under control else you can have arguments. Offer chane ki daal in mandir, pray to Shiv ji and Ganesh ji.

Virgo(Kanya) –Wednesday will prove good for you as your courage increases and you will
defat enemies. Your wealth will increase and you will feel healthy, get fame, happiness and
enjoy good conversations with women. Your reasoning skills will be good but expenditure
will be heavy. Thank Shiv ji and Hanuman ji. Thursday will give you mixed results. You can
be scared for some reason from state which will effectively reduce your courage. You are
likely to make some new friends on a short trip which you will enjoy and will be beneficial
too. Expenditure will be high but you may have some sickness too. Someone can bring gifts
for you. Offer jal to Surya, feed birds and animals with moong dal. Pray to Ganesh ji and
your Guru.

Libra(Tula) – On Wednesday, if you are travelling, there can be problems so cater for
everything. You will be mentally disturbed, hence drive carefully. You will feel mental
disturbance, loss of strength and no success at work, losses due to bad people. Your
belongings may be stolen, be alert. You should refrain from using harsh words, and avoid
spicy food, as bile problems can arise. Keep silver with you, recite Hanuman Chalisa and
float mishri in water. Thursday is likely to prove good for you with enhanced happiness. You
may be called in for expert talks, which can get you respect, but you should be careful as you may have a loss due to relatives. You can gain monetarily, keep healthy and get fame. There will be happiness at home. If not yet married, chances of something coming up are good. Pray to Shiv ji and your Guru.

Scorrpio (Vrishchik) –Keep special control on temper, irritation and ego on Wednesday as
despite hard work, works will be unsuccessful, and there can be danger from fire, pointed
objects/ malign food. Drive carefully. There can be quarrels with family giving you a restless mind and sleep. Do not venture near water bodies. Consume saunf, donate milk and pray to Shiv ji and Hanuman ji. Althought Thursday is likely to give you benfit in job, and make you health conscious with support from colleagues. If appearing for a competitive exam, you are likely to succeed. On the negative side, if travelling, be careful as there can be problems. Accidents are likely so drive carefully and due to travelling, work can suffer. In addition, there will be back biting for you and you can experience use of foul language in small quarrels. Keep anise at bedside at night. Abhishek of Shiv pariwar will help.

Sagittarius(Dhanu) – Wednesday will give you mixed results. You will have good profits
but increased expenditure too. You may have to stay away form home, but will have pleasure. If you do not control your temper and tone, you can have loss of reputation. If you do so, you will have success and happiness. Else there can be quarrels with spouse too. The day may make you worried and sad due to communication issues and you may suddenly loose interest in food. Enemies will create trouble. Recite Hanuman Chalisa, cover your head whole day and distribute sweets. Thursday is likely to get you good news from / about kids and happiness from home, spouse. You will have interest in astrology and studies. If having an affair, it will be a good time, or an affair can blossom. There will be benefit from officials and some works can be completed. However, you should avoid proximity to water bodies, avoid altercation with women and understand their emotions else there will be quarrels. Donate milk/ sugar/ rice in Shiv mandir and pray to Shiv pariwar.

Makar(Capricorn) – Wednesday will be mixed for you with good health, wealth and
victories. You may plan to buy land and get success at work with help from brotherly males. However, you will still be mentally unsatisfied and have difference of opinion with family, and therefore you should try to understand emotions. Do not fall for any unethical activities as these will cause you losses. You will get respect and can have some good meetings with friends giving you happiness. Offer Sindoor to Hanuman ji and pray to Shiv pariwar. Thursday will be good for work with favorable conditions and good luck. You will have a peaceful time and plans will fructify. You will win over enemies and benefit due to your family as your luck favours. Thank Shiv ji and Guru.

Aquarius(Kumbh) – Wednesday will be mixed for you with success but only with hard
work, You may be forced to eat malignant food, so avoid spicy food and enjoy the sweets.
You may get injured hence be careful. You may have to stay away from home, so keep in touch with home for emotional stability. You may be offered a large/ coveted assignment. You will score over enemies giving you mental peace and happiness. Must visit Hanuman mandir and Shiv temple. Thursday will give you mixed results with good health and interest in studies. You will be respected due to large heartedness and may meet some friends. However, you may still be mentally unsatisfied and have difference of opinion with family reducing your happiness. Do not get involved in any unethical activities. Keep rice in a silver box and worship Shiv ji.

Pisces (Meen) – Wednesday is not a good day as you will have loss of health, money as well as reputation. Do not expect cooperation from anyone younger to you. In addition, kids can fall sick and your prestige as well as glory can have a setback. Enemies will create problems for you. Keep water near head while sleeping and pour in plants in morning. Your plans may fail adding to worries and also keep you worried due to spouse and kids. If having an affair, be careful, communication issues can cause problems. Recite Shiv Chalisa and abhishek of  Shiv ji. Thursday can force you to spend on some function and give you some tension and restlessness. You should not overeat and also not at odd times. Otherwise, the day will give you good health, success and emotional stability. You will enjoy the day with good food and gifts. Visit Laxmi Narayan Mandir and pray to Shiv ji.

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Moon changes sign approximately every 2.25 days, hence the prediction is being done for 2 days