Lt Cdr Shirish Shivnath Pavale awarded Nao Sena Medal (Gallantry)

Lieutenant Commander Shirish Shivnath Pavale

Lieutenant Commander Shirish Shivnath Pavale, (06242-K) is the Training Officer of INS Abhimanyu since 27 Jun 16.On 02 Mar 18, a piracy incident at sea was reported to the unit and four Prahars were launched with the Officer as Team Commander. The intelligence revealed that the pirates were armed and were underway necessitating opposed boarding. The Officer displaying excellent leadership, tactical acumen, raw courage and professionalism led a successful Maritime Interdiction Operation by MARCOS.

He coordinated the key elements of actionable intelligence and executed a meticulously planned SF operation involving complete synergy among participating forces. The operation was launched at midnight on 03 Mar 18 with complete surprise and stealth.

During the assault, Officer led from the front and was the first to board the vessel. The Pirate Leader was armed and present in the wheel house at the time of boarding. Neutralising him was the single most critical part of the entire operation. The Officer along with his buddy overpowered the Pirate leader in the initial few seconds of the operation with utter disregard to his personal safety. The swift assault by the Officer prevented the pirate from using his weapon thereby eliminating a firefight. The Officer’s unprecedented action resulted in seizing control of the vessel. The Officer thereafter led his
team to rescue the crew, who once located, were moved to safety and the entire operation was successfully completed. The execution of this Maritime Interdiction Operation was an example of copy book professionalism. The officer led a successful Maritime Interdiction Operation by MARCOS. His quick action and coordination with the key elements of intelligence and execution of plan led the overpowering of armed pirate leader on time and team was able to execute successful rescue of crew. The officer displayed exceptional leadership, daring act and led from the front. For displaying resolute courage, exemplary leadership, inspiring professionalism and total disregard for personal safety, Lieutenant Commander Shirish Shivnath Pavale (06242-K) has been awarded award of “NAUSENA MEDAL(GALLANTRY)”.

Indian Bureaucracy Dot Com wishes Lieutenant Commander Shirish Shivnath Pavale the very best.

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