DGCA guidelines to reduce carbon emission


The DGCA has issued a Civil Aviation Requirement (CAR) on “Climate Change Initiatives and Local Air Quality Monitoring in Civil Aviation”. As per the provisions of this CAR, airlines are required to develop fuel management procedures without compromising with the safety of aircraft and its occupants. Accordingly, to avoid additional fuel burn on account of unwanted extra weight, airlines have been asked for proper Weight Management. Airlines have been also asked that carriage of unwanted items such as old magazines & newspapers, excess duty free material, extra water, excessive crew baggage, empty baggage and cargo containers, etc. shall be avoided on board the aircraft during flight.

The said CAR was issued by DGCA on 5th August, 2015 to reduce the adverse impact of aviation on climate change. From Environmental Protection point of view, any additional fuel consumption will lead to unwanted increase of carbon emissions. The aviation community is committed to reduce the adverse impact of aviation on environment and this is one of the measures being adopted globally in this direction.

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