Expansion of Aircraft-Passenger handling capacity of IGI Airport

The revised Master Plan, 2016 for IGI Airport Delhi has been finalized in May, 2016. The Master Plan 2016 proposes further development of landside, terminals and airside facilities to correspond to the projected traffic growth in next 20 years. It also proposes expansion of passenger handling capacity of IGI Airport from existing 62 MPPA to 109.3 MPPA in a phased manner.

As per Schedule 1 of Operation Management and Development Agreement signed between Airports Authority of India (AAI) and Delhi International Airport Ltd.(DIAL), the airport operator have to follow IATA Airport Development Reference Manual with regard to design of airport facilities.

DIAL has recently engaged NATS, a UK firm which is a global provider of air traffic management consulting services.As part of their engagement, NATS will collaborate with the Airports Authority of India (AA), Air Navigation staff to identify procedures and air space enhancements to maximize the aircraft handling capacity of IGI Airport. This engagement has recently commenced and is a multi-phased project which will be completed over the next twelve months.

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