Chief of the Naval Staff Visits Mauritius

RK Dhowan
RK Dhowan

The Chief of Naval Staff Admiral RK Dhowan is on a scheduled visit to Mauritius from 19 to 22 Jan 15 to further consolidate the bridges of friendship as well as explore new avenues of defence cooperation.

The Chief of Naval Staff will meet various Government and Defence officials during his stay at Mauritius. The Admiral jointly with his counterpart, Commissioner of Police will inaugurate the data flow of the Information Exchange on white shipping (merchant marine) for greater Maritime Domain Awareness to the mutual benefit of both maritime nations.

India and Mauritius share centuries old cultural, ethnic, religious and linguistic bonds. These bonds have strengthened over time through goodwill gestures and bilateral visits.

The Indian Navy has been actively supporting and cooperating with Mauritius Maritime agencies towards meeting their maritime security needs in terms of hydrography surveys, supplementing Exclusive Economic Zone surveillance efforts, provisioning of naval hardware such as ships and aircraft as well as cooperation in training.

The Mauritius Coast Guard Ship Barracuda has recently been built by GRSE Kolkata while orders have been placed by MCGS on GSL for construction of 2 Fast Attack Craft and 10 Fast Interceptor Craft.

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