NLCIL – Opening of Free Buttermilk Distribution Centres at Neyveli


NLCIL always considers, service to the society and helping the people in need is its prime responsibility. As part of this, under its Corporate Social Responsibility Scheme, NLCIL is organizing free Butter Milk distribution Stalls (NLCIL JAL DHARA) for the people in and around Neyveli to combat heavy summer heat, every year since 2015.

NLC India Limited is organizing 8 butter milk distribution stalls to serve around 35,000 people in a day at different locations viz.,, NLC Arch Gate, PR Dept. premises, Central Bus Stand, NLC India Hospital, Super Bazar at Block-29, St. Paul’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Mandarakuppam New Bus Stand and Pudhukuppam Junction from 26.04.2019 at an approximate cost of Rs.42 Lakh. Apart from Buttermilk, Lemon Juice and purified Drinking Water is also served in the stalls.  This service will be provided for 60 days from today. Today (26.04.2019) Shri R. Vikraman, Director (HR), NLCIL has formally inaugurated one Free Butter Milk Distribution Stall near Public Relations Office, Block-2, Neyveli, in the presence of Sri R. Mohan, CGM/CSR

Similarly, the Distribution Center at Arch Gate was inaugurated by Shri N. Sankar, CGM/HR and Shri C. Thiagaraju, CGM/HR. Shri M. Raghavan, CGM/Vigilance and Shri K. Mukundan, GM /Mine-IA inaugurated the Distribution centre at St. Pauls’ Matriculation Higher Secondary School.  Shri S. Mathivanan, CGM/Finance and

Shri Y. Joe Stephen Dominic, CGM/HR/Mines inaugurated the Distribution Centre at Central Bus Stand.  The Distribution Centre at Puthukuppam Round-tana was inaugurated by Shri V. Shanmuganathan, CGM/Contracts and Shri A. Rajasekhara Reddy, GM/Mine-I. Shri S.Nagarajan, GM/Material Management Complex inaugurated the stall installed at Super

Bazaar in Block-29. Shri S.R. Sekar, CGM/TA and   Dr. Munendra Kumar Jha, CGS/Medical  inaugurated the Distribution Centre at NLC India Hospital while the Distribution Centre at Mandarakuppam New Bus Stand was inaugurated by Shri A. Ravindran, CGM/TPS-II Expn. and Shri Jagadish Chandra Mazumdar, CGM/Mine-II.

In and around Neyveli, many people from all walks of life appreciate this good initiative and thanking NLCIL management for their timely care on the people to beat the heat in hot summer.

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