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Artillery Modernisation Programme_indianbureaucracyArtillery Modernisation Programme_indianbureaucracy
Artillery Modernisation Programme_indianbureaucracy

PIB News Update: Raksha Rajya Mantri Shri Shripad Naik  has informed that The details of Budget Allocation and Expenditure (Budget Estimates (BE), Revised Estimates (RE) and Actual Expenditure) on Modernisation (Capital Acquisition) of the Armed Forces under Defence Services Estimates (DSE) for the last three years are as under:-

(Rs in Crore)

Year Budget Estimates (BE) Revised Estimates (RE) Expenditure (Actuals)
2016-17 69,898.51 62,619.36 69,280.16
2017-18 69,473.41 68,965.24 72,732.28
2018-19 74,115.99 73,882.95 75,892.85

        The Ministry has fully utilized the allocated budget and there has been no underutilization.

During the period 2015-19, the Government has taken steps to delegate substantial financial power to the Service Headquarters for both normal and emergent procurements. This has resulted in faster decision making and ensured full and optimal utilization of allocated budget.

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