Measuring QMS in Manufacturing Set-up | Workshop

Measuring QMS in Manufacturing Set-up
Measuring QMS in Manufacturing Set-up

In present competitive environment quality, cost effectiveness and timely supplies are expected from every QMS complied supplier. So what is more? It is the quality consistency and continuous improvement which differentiates one from others. No system can be called effective and consistent unless the system is monitored and improved on a regular basis. But how do we systematically do that?

This program will help the participants in setting up a system of QMS effectiveness measurement which in turn will help the respective team in monitoring the consistency and progress of the improvement initiatives on a continuous basis. This initiative is also called as QPE (Quality Performance Effectiveness)

Many top performing businesses, which achieve superior levels of success and sustainability, have a sound, well maintained, implemented Quality Management System (QMS) backed by well laid down effectiveness measurement system. Correlation between business benefits and an implemented quality management system can only be established as an on- going process when the QMS effectiveness is measured and actionable issues are attended to. The benefit of a definitive measure of QMS health lies in providing a point of reference, which can fuel the motivation to continuously improve compliance to the management system. This is the foundation for superior business performance.

Module brief

  • Why QPE is required?
  • Basic steps for QPE implementation
  • Choosing the measures that is right for the organization
  • Explaining major Quality Performance Initiatives
  • Concept & implementation of Stock Flow management
  • Getting deep into work place organization
  • Effect of Organization’s asset quality and risk mitigations in QPE
  • Quality Capability development in every process
  • Significance of measurable lean initiatives
  • Case studies & sharing sessions

Who should attend?

This program is useful for all departments directly or indirectly supporting manufacturing activities in an organization. It will be up to the organization to identify the thrust areas and depute responsible employees irrespective of positions being held in the company

Language of communication:  

Mix of English, Hindi and Gujarati for the ease of the participants

Date and Venue
Start Date:Mar 19, 2019 
Venue: Confederation Of Indian Industry House , Opp Just Dial Office, Gulbai Tekra, Ahmedabad., Auditorium, 1st floor, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India 

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