Major IAS Reshuffle in Uttar Pradesh, see the full list

20 IAS Transfers in UP Govt
20 IAS Tr20 IAS Transfers in UP Govtansfers in UP Govt

Indian Bureaucracy UP IAS Transfers | The Uttar Pradesh Govt has shifted and reshuffled 20 IAS Officers in the state , the full list of names are :

  1. Shri Alok Kumar-III IAS ( 1998) presently Commissioner, Food & Civil Supply, UP  transferred as Secretary to Hon’ble Chief Minister , UP.
  2. Ms. Bhavna Srivastava IAS (  2008) presently MD- Uttar Pradesh Small Industries Corporation Kanpur Nagar , Uttar Pradesh transferred as Member (Judicial), Board of Revenue, UP.
  3. Shri Surendra Prasad Singh IAS (  2012) presently Joint Director, Youth Welfare, Lucknow transferred as Special Secretary -Information and Public Relation Department,  UP.
  4. Shri Sanjay Prasad IAS ( 1995) presently Secretary, Infrastructure & Industrial Development Department, Govt. of UP & MD- UPSIDC Lucknow  appointed as Secretary to UP (Yogi Adityanath).
  5. Shri Mahendra Bahadur Singh IAS ( 2011) presently Special Secretary, APC Branch transferred as Additional Commissioner, Cane, UP.
  6. Dr. Rupesh Kumar IAS ( 2009) presently Special Secretary to Govt of UP. Environment Department & Director, Environment UP transferred  as Special Secretary- Medical Education Department , Govt of UP- UP.
  7. Shri Surendra Ram IAS ( 2010) presently Special Secretary, Govt. of UP, Rural Development Department  transferred as Special Secretary, Govt. of UP, PWD Department, UP.
  8. Shri Ram Manohar Mishra IAS (  2009) presently Special Secretary, Rural Development Department, Govt. of UP transferred  as Member (Judicial), Board of Revenue, UP.
  9. Shri Vikas Gothalwal IAS (  2003) presently Secretary, Urban Development Department, Govt. of UP  transferred as MD-  Jal Nigam, UP.
  10. Shri Ramesh Ranjan IAS ( 2013) presently Chief Development Officers – Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh transferred as Joint MD- Jal Nigam, UP.
  11. Shri Sanjay Kumar Khatri IAS (  2010) presently Special Secretary, Home & Jail, Govt of UP  transferred  as Joint MD- Jal Nigam, UP.
  12. Shri Ram Yagya Misra IAS ( 2010) presently Additional Food Commissioner, UP, transferred  as MD- UP Small Industries Corporation, Kanpur Nagar, UP.
  13. Shri Kumar Kamlesh IAS (1986) presently Additional Chief Secretary-  Science and Technology Department transferred  as Additional Chief Secretary- Planning & Programme Implementation Department and also hold Science and Technology Department.
  14. Shri Manish Chauhan IAS ( 2000) presently Commissioner, Cane  transferred  as Commissioner, Food & Civil Supply, UP.
  15. Shri Sanjay R Bhoosreddy IAS ( 1989) presently Principal Secretary- Sugar Industries ,Invest Commissioner, UP and Principal Secretary- Excise given additional charge as Commissioner, Cane, UP.
  16. Shri Anil Garg IAS (  1996) presently Divisional Commissioner- Lucknow  transferred  as CEO, UPSIDC, UP.
  17. Shri Mukesh Kumar Mesharam IAS ( 1995) presently Secretary- Medical Education Department transferred as Divisional Commissioner- Lucknow, UP.
  18. Shri Chandra Shekhar IAS (  2012) presently Special Secretary- Basic Education Dept transferred as Additional Commissioner- Chitrakoot, UP.
  19. Shri Rajesh Kumar-II IAS (  2009) presently Additional Land Management Commissioner, Board of Revenue UP and Member (Judicial), Board of Revenue, Prayagraj transferred as Special Secretary- Sports Department, UP.
  20. Shri Shyam Sundar Sharma IAS (  2006) presently Member (Judicial), Board of Revenue, UP transferred as Special Secretary -Civil Defence and Political Pension Department, UP.

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