INTERPHEX 2016 showcasing over 50 Indian Pharma Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers


Over 50 companies from India, ranging from equipment manufacturing to packaging in the pharmaceutical sector will participate in the ‘India Pavilion’ at the International Pharmaceutical Expo (INTERPHEX) in New York (USA) from 26-28 April 2016. The “India Pavilion” is being organised by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, under the Market Access Initiative Scheme of the Government. Strongly underlining Quality Healthcare for the World, the India Pavilion will be inaugurated in the presence of Ms Riva Ganguly Das, Consul General of India, New York.

The INTERPHEX, 2016, is a premier event dedicated to pharmaceutical and biotechnology innovation, technology and knowledge. It has emerged as a crucial platform for showcasing the latest innovation and technologies throughout all phases of the product lifecycle, including pharma manufacturing and processing technology, bioprocess pharmaceutical systems and services. This year the focus will be on the pharmaceutical machinery and equipments manufacturing sector and pharmaceuticals packaging. Welcoming FICCI’s presence at the INTERPHEX 2016, Dr. A Didar Singh, Secretary General, FICCI said, “This India Pavilion initiative at INTERPHEX 2016 comes at a time when the potential of the pharmaceutical industry in India is attracting global attention and the Government’s “Make in India” programme is gaining recognition in the country and outside. I am sure this initiative will go a long way in creating a strong global brand proposition for the Indian pharmaceutical machinery and equipments manufacturing sector.

The Indian pharmaceutical industry has witnessed explosive growth driven by the pharmaceutical machinery and equipments manufacturing sector which is growing at 14 per cent CAGR. Burgeoning demand for pharmaceutical products within the country and overseas is propelling the growth of the pharma machinery market in India which is now emerging as a manufacturing hub and gaining recognition as a global destination for vaccines, bio-services and increasingly for contract manufacturing, especially biosimilars. “INTERPHEX has established itself as an excellent meeting place for pharmaceutical manufacturers and their suppliers,” said Mr Ajit Singh, Chairman, ACG Worldwide. “It is therefore most appropriate for FICCI to join hands with INTERPHEX to promote the export of products from India,” he added. India currently exports pharmaceutical machinery and equipment to over 80 countries globally, with the USA, UK, Middle East, EU catering as key export destinations.

About 800 pharmaceutical equipment and machinery manufacturing units serve the demand of a $ 30 bn domestic pharmaceutical industry. The industry shows high potential with capacity addition for generics production in the country and sales to newer export markets fuelling growth in the pharma machinery market in India. As the global demand for generics continues to grow and more investments are expected to flow in this segment, paving way for a significant expansion of this industry. The ‘India Pavilion’ at INTERPHEX 2016 will showcase the highly diversified strength of the pharmaceutical machinery sector – from companies that manufacture metal detectors for various applications to companies manufacturing tablet compression machine, machinery for ointments, liquids and bioceutical processing equipments, diagnostic instruments, blood screening instruments, high-speed tablet compression machines to unique capsule-fillers capable of filling powders, pellets, tablets and liquids in hard capsules and to companies manufacturing equipments for the pharmaceutical oncology market.

There will also be significant representation of pharmaceutical companies in plant design consultancy and related service. An important feature of the “India Pavilion” at INTERPHEX 2016 will be the B2B sessions which will give Indian businesses a platform for networking and business development in the USA, facilitate business alliances and joint ventures among Indian and US companies and identify some focus areas which requires a targeted approach for building commercial linkages.

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