CII Trivandrum Webinar on New Technologies for Business Leaders


The forces of disruptive change are gathering momentum. Technologies and tools, such as, Robotics, 3-D Printing, cloud and big data (to name a few) are fundamentally restructuring the nature of work and therefore the future of employment. Many job classes are likely to become extinct while new skills will emerge to fill the gap. This webinar series will gear you for that.  This webinar series will take you through a learning experience on some of the latest cutting edge emerging technologies and help you understand how this is making a difference in today’s world.  Progressive companies and individuals depend upon technology in order to complete their daily activities and thrive in today’s society.

Course content covered

This webinar series will introduce the participant to the following key topics and help them understand how these technologies can make a difference in the businesses they operate

Analytics and Big data (Session 1)
Artificial Intelligence (Session 2)

Key learning / Takeaway

  • Through this webinar series, the participant is taking one big step towards learning some of the key technologies which are going to rule the world for the next decade
  • Analysis of real-life case studies on these topics to help participants understand how and where these technologies are applied in real-world business
  • Practical use cases to be discussed for Analytics, Big Data and AI in your company
  • Get the right knowledge to introduce these technologies in your business/organization

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who is interested in learning new technologies and become a smart worker in the organization
  • Anyone who likes to introduce these technologies in their organization and take their enterprises to the next level
Date and Venue
Start Date: Mar 26, 2019, End Date: Mar 27, 2019 
Venue: Webinar, , , India

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