Cabinet approves revised cost for North Koel Reservoir Project completion

Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs_indianBureaucracy
Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs_indianBureaucracy

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, chaired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, has approved the revised cost for completing the remaining work of the North Koel Reservoir Project. The project, with a revised cost of Rs. 2,430.76 crore (central share: Rs. 1,836.41 crore), will provide additional annual irrigation to 42,301 hectares in drought-prone districts of Jharkhand and Bihar. The North Koel Reservoir Project is a significant inter-state irrigation project spanning Bihar and Jharkhand. It involves the construction of a dam, a barrage, and canals, with work initially commencing in 1972. The project was later halted due to concerns related to the Betla National Park and Palamu Tiger Reserve. In 2016, the Indian government decided to assist in completing the project, reducing the reservoir level to protect the core area of the Palamu Tiger Reserve. The revised cost estimate also includes additional components, such as canal lining and resettlement and rehabilitation for affected families. Out of the total cost, the central government’s share is Rs. 1,836.41 crore.

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