C-DOT highlights opportunities in Telecom and Cybersecurity for Defence


Minister of State for Defence & Tourism, Shri Ajay Bhatt, toured the Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) Delhi Campus, renowned for its cutting-edge Research and Development in the Telecom sector. Specializing in the creation of indigenous and secure telecom solutions, C-DOT focuses on addressing critical infrastructure needs, particularly in defense communications and cyber security.

During the visit, Minister Shri Ajay Bhatt planted a tree at the C-DOT campus and participated in a presentation by CEO Dr Rajkumar Upadhyay. The presentation covered Telecom solutions, focusing on security aspects like Security Operation Centre, Enterprise Security Centre, Quantum Key Distribution, and Post Quantum Cryptography.

The presentation covered various indigenously developed solutions, including 4G and 5G core and RAN, disaster management solutions, optical transport and access solutions, and switching and routing solutions. Following this, C-DOT showcased demonstrations of their Video Conferencing solutions, Samvad messaging and cell platform, Disaster Management CAP, Enterprise Security Operation Centre, DWDM & OTN Lab, Quantum Key Distribution, GPON/NMS, 4G/5G Lab, E-Shiksha & CSAT – Fi Lab, Telecom Security Operation Centre, and 5G demo.

Addressing C-DOTians, Minister Shri Ajay Bhatt emphasized the crucial role of telecom in defense and envisioned significant collaboration between C-DOT and Indian Defence forces. He highlighted C-DOT’s potential in defense indigenization, transforming telecom and cybersecurity in the defense sector. Calling for enhanced cooperation, he urged C-DOT to align its research and development with the specific requirements of defense forces, particularly in communication, cybersecurity, and cyber warfare.

CEO C-DOT, Dr. Upadhyay, expressed gratitude for the valuable guidance from the Hon’ble Minister of State for Defence, assuring continued commitment towards developing cutting-edge and customized telecom security solutions for Defence. Shri Ajay Bhatt acknowledged C-DOT’s substantial contributions to the telecommunications spectrum, emphasizing a promising future and significant collaboration between C-DOT and defense agencies. He envisioned a technologically advanced India by 2047, where C-DOT plays a crucial role in implementing cutting-edge technologies for both civilian and defense applications, commending C-DOT for its honorable service to the nation.

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