Access of advanced Arms & Ammunition to Security Forces to fight terror

advanced Arms & Ammunition-indianbureaucracy
advanced Arms & Ammunition-indianbureaucracy

The Central and State Security Forces and Intelligence agencies are well equipped with modern resources and equipments. The Central Government is assisting the States in this regard through schemes like Modernization of Police Forces (MPF) Scheme, Security Related Expenditure Scheme (SRE) and Modernisation Plan-II for CAPFs.

Under the MPF scheme, assistance is being provided under the components Mobility, Weaponry, Communication Systems, Training, Forensic Science Laboratory etc. All the forces have at one time or the other drawn resources from the Central Scheme of Modernization of Police Forces.

At present, with higher devolution of finances to the States consequent to the recommendations of the 14th Finance Commission, the States are well placed to draw from their own resources for upgradation of anti-terror forces. Under the Modernisation Plan-II, the CAPFs are being provided superior arms and ammunition, modern equipment, efficient transport vehicles, state of art communication, surveillance and border guarding systems etc. wishes the very best to all its security forces and acknowledges that “We are here, since You are There”.

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