Whips’ Conference supports independent commission to recommend salary and allowances of MPs


The proposal of the Government for setting up an independent Emoluments Commission to determine the salary and allowances for Members of Parliament found wide support with the All India Whips Conference held at Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh resolving in support of this proposal.

Adopting a Resolution in this regard, the Conference also urged the States to ensure uniformity in salaries for legislators across the country with varying allowances depending on the situation in each state.

The Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs proposed a 3-member Emoluments Commission to determine the salary and allowances of MPs keeping in view the responsibilities of MPs in a fair, transparent and equitable manner. This proposal was extensively deliberated at the 17th All India Whips Conference .

The Conference also urged the Central and State Governments to take lead in establishing inter-party forums in Parliament and State Legislatures for enabling regular dialogue to tackle contentious and vexed issues. These forums would work informally and enable better performance of the Houses.

Chief Whips and Whips of various parties from legislatures across the country sought revision of guidelines for implementation of MPLADS(Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme) and analogous schemes in the States to make them more flexible for effectively catering to the needs of local people by addressing infrastructure gaps. The Conference noted that there is too much of bureaucratic control at present in the implementation of these schemes.

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