Tech Giants lead charge in proposing Transformative Infrastructure Solutions

Tech Giants lead charge in proposing Transformative Infrastructure Solutions

Ministry of Telecommunication,
Ministry of Telecommunication,

Department of Telecommunications (DoT) proudly announces the selected participants for Stage 1 of the ground-breaking ‘Sangam: Digital Twin with AI-Driven Insights Initiative’. Launched on February 15, 2024, the Sangam initiative aims to revolutionize infrastructure planning and design by leveraging digital twin technology to create precise, dynamic models of physical environments. This innovative approach enables real-time insights and predictive analytics, significantly enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of infrastructure projects. The initiative aims to address complex challenges by integrating telecommunications, computational technologies, sensing, and imaging to create comprehensive digital replicas of physical assets. [For full details, visit].

Overwhelming response | Now, the Expression of Interest (EoI) for the Sangam initiative has attracted a vibrant array of 112 organizations and 32 individuals, including industry giants, innovative startups, and leading academic institutions.  A detailed list of the participants is available at These participants bring a wealth of technological expertise spanning unified data platforms, advanced AI modelling, immersive AR/VR applications, and sophisticated scenario planning.

Extended Submission Deadline | In response to the overwhelming interest and potential for wider participation, the DoT has extended the deadline for EoI submissions to June 25, 2024. While Stage-I activities are already in progress, potential participants are urged to submit their proposals promptly to fully engage in ongoing and upcoming initiatives.

Living List of Evolving Use Cases | The responses to the Expression of Interest (EoI) have received a dynamic and varied range of use cases that reflect the various aspects, complex challenges and opportunities within infrastructure planning and design. The initiative’s “living list” of use cases highlights the dynamic and multifaceted challenges in infrastructure planning. By continuously refining these scenarios through active stakeholder engagement, Sangam ensures that each use case evolves to address real-world needs effectively. Participants are encouraged to contribute to this evolving list by sharing relevant data and insights, enriching the AI and data models at

Upcoming Networking Events | DoT will soon announce networking events under the Sangam initiative, aimed at fostering knowledge sharing, partnership formation, exploration and articulation of use cases with a focus on feasibility, scalability and integration of cutting-edge technologies to further the initiative’s goals.

Stay engaged with the latest updates and participate in the forthcoming discussions through discussion forums by visiting the [Sangam Initiative website](

For more details about Sangam and its programs, explore:

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