Skybox Security at RSA Conference with release of Industry-First Attack Surface Visualization

Skybox Security-indianbureaucracy
Skybox Security-indianbureaucracy

a global leader in security analytics, unveiled today Skybox® Horizon, a first-of-its-kind security management tool that gives CISOs the unprecedented ability to visualize their enterprise attack surface in its entirety. Skybox will be previewing Horizon at the RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Integrating with the Skybox® Security Suite, the company’s award-winning analytics platform, Horizon uses the contextual intelligence gained from consolidating and analyzing data from various sources to create a visual, interactive model that links network topology, network connections, business units and organizational hierarchy. It shows Indicators of Exposure™(IOEs) throughout the attack surface, such as exploitable attack vectors, hot spots of vulnerabilities, network security misconfigurations and risky firewall access rules, giving CISOs deep insight into the state of their security from the widest possible range of sources.

In today’s complex security landscape, networks are getting larger and more complicated, creating myriad holes in defenses, while cyberattacks are increasing in sophistication and persistence. CISOs are challenged to centralize security and gain visibility over the attack surface, the ways in which their IT systems are vulnerable to threats, including potential attack vectors.

According to a 2015 Gartner report1, enterprises are shifting security budgets to security management platforms that integrate existing technologies, unify data from multiple vendors, provide greater insight through advanced analytics and enable security operations teams to automate and prioritize activities.

They are also looking for solutions that can help them more effectively report the security posture of the enterprise to the board and executives in order to better inform IT security decision making throughout the organization.

“For years, CISOs have struggled to gain a satisfactory level of visibility over their attack surface, so they can truly understand their organization’s vulnerability to threats,” said Skybox Founder and CEO Gidi Cohen. “Traditional approaches fall short — data is isolated between technologies from multiple vendors, providing only fleeting glimpses into an enterprise’s state of security. When CISOs have only partial information, they can’t analyze data in context, which limits their ability to quickly make decisions about where to direct scarce resources. We’re changing this with Horizon.

At RSA, Skybox will demonstrate how Horizon works with the company’s vulnerability management, threat intelligence management and security policy management products to create a comprehensive security management program that uses visibility to shrink the attack surface.

Skybox Horizon Features

∙ Visualize and analyze the attack surface with an interactive model that links network topology, network connections, business units and organizational hierarchy

∙ Categorize IOEs, rank the severity of those IOEs and display the data in a format understandable to both technical and business-oriented viewers

∙ Drill down with interactive tools to get quick summaries of actionable intelligence; pinpoint and protect the systems most vulnerable to threats

∙ Systematically manage and reduce the attack surface by allocating security resources to where they are most needed — identifying security teams within the enterprise that need extra support, streamlining audits and demonstrating progress toward security and compliance goals

∙ Communicate security issues and priorities across groups and up the management chain

Horizon is scheduled for general availability in late March, included with the licensing of Skybox Security Suite modules. For more information on Skybox Horizon, go to

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