SAIL | Stainless Steel Garbage bin will be used to develop Smart Garbage Stations in National Capital

Stainless Steel Garbage bin
Stainless Steel Garbage bin

Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), the country’s largest public sector steel producer, has taken a unique initiative to make the country clean and beautiful. Under this initiative, SAIL has launched smart garbage bins made of Stainless Steel, which will be able to send signal to the collection vehicle about the “fill-up” position.

A Smart Garbage Station will be set up at BhikajiCama Place of the country’s capital Delhi, which is being developed by SDMC (South Delhi Municipal Corporation). Environment friendly garbage bins made of SAIL SALEM Stainless Steel will be installed in the underground RCC pits in this Smart Garbage Station, which will not only collect unbridled garbage of the city, but will also save people from stink and diseases.

Smart Garbage Stations with Smart Stainless Steel garbage bins developed by SAIL will not only give a smart look to the cities but will also help to promote the image of Clean India around the world. SAIL will also supply Stainless Steel garbage bins to another Smart Garbage Station being developed in North Delhi by North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) at Kamala Nagar.

In the Smart Garbage Stations, there will be a RCC pit in which the stainless steel bins will be placed. There will be separate bins for recyclable wastes and non-recyclable wastes. Since the bins will be placed under ground, the pit will be covered with a pit cover fabricated out of stainless steel slip free sheets. Suitable openings will be kept on the pit cover through which the sanitation crew can dump the collected garbage into the stainless steel bins placed underground.

It is planned to have IOT (Internet of Things) enabled Gazelle sensors on the pit cover which will transmit the signals to the collection vehicle about the “fill-up” position. The compactor will lift the stainless steel bins from the underground pits and empty the garbage into the compactor vehicle.

SAIL is providing Stainless Steel garbage bins for Smart Garbage Station to make the city clean and beautiful with encouragement to develop appropriate civic facilities and create a healthy society.

SAIL is looking out for other municipalities as well as metro cities of the country to take this initiative further ahead. Depending up on the response, SAIL may in future take up production of stainless steel garbage bins in a commercial scale also

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