Rubina Ali CSS appointed Joint Secretary- Ministry of Civil Aviation

Ministry of Civil Aviation
Ministry of Civil Aviation

Ms. Rubina Ali CSS has been appointed as Joint Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation, from the date of assumption of the charge of the post, for a tenure of five years or until further orders, whichever is earlier vice Shri Arun Kumar, IAS(Haryana 1989).

Indian Bureaucracy Dot Com wishes Ms. Rubina Ali the very best.

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  1. Respected Sir/Ma’am,

    This mail is as a callout from all those stranded Indian citizens that are stuck because of the border restrictions which were imposed in a really short time that didn’t let the unfortunate ones respond on time or like me, which tried their best but couldn’t make it on time due to unavoidable circumstances by their airlines. This is one of those voices trying to reach out to anyone out there that can help get back home.

    I was recently travelling from Saskatoon to ahmedabad, via toronto and abu dhabi in the way, on the 20th march as I had got to know that India was imposing international flights restrictions on the 22nd march. However, after waiting for 12 hrs I got to know that the flight was further delayed by 12 hrs and thus when I got in touch with some representatives from my airline I got to know that I won’t be able to travel back to India as because of the delay I wont have reached india by 22nd before the ban was enforced. So since 20th march I am stranded in Toronto and being an international student I don’t even have any contacts or personals to help me with accommodation and be safe at in between all the chaos by the outbreak of the coronavirus. Therefore, since 20th march I am living in a hotel with the rate of $200 per night, which is a lot of money for international students with all the tuition fees and all that we are giving.

    So initially I had rebooked my ticket for the 29th of march when the international flight restrictions were supposed to be revoked, however the recent announcement by the indian government mentioned that now the ban is extended to the 14th april. So now I have to get a new ticket and pay the hotel rent as like I don’t know where it is safe or where it isn’t in this outbreak of coronavirus, plus the number of cases are increasing steeply in canada, as of now there are almost 5000 cases, with about 60 deaths. As of now I have not got the virus but eventually I will run out of money and I will have to move to some other cheaper accommodation and thus will be in a risk of getting the virus the more I move.

    Recently, I had a phone conversation with someone from the Indian embassy bases in canada, and they said that right now the situation isn’t that bad of canada to provide us with any evacuation flight but however that was just 2 or 3 days ago and then the number of cases were also about 2000, and meanwhile in just about 48hrs the number has been doubled. I really don’t want the situation to get as bad as Iran, Italy and wuhan, where the evacuation flight was sent once the situation got out of hand. All I am asking is for the Indian government to take the responsibility of its citizens and open the borders or arrange some means to let us get back home to our families in such a tense time, both mentally and physically. And at least help us with the accommodation or any help will be great. These are the times when we really need our government to step up for us and be there when we need them the most, as after all they are the ones that actually represent us in such a time of world pandemic.

    All I and hundreds and thousands of other Students that are stranded right now are asking for is to get us back home. This is all we ask for, which I don’t even think is a lot to ask for in such a world crisis.

    I hope Honourable MEA of India can reach out to their India citizens stranded in Canada
    Thanks & Regards
    Manav Prajapati

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