RFID Based Access Control System Inaugurated at Cochin Port

Dr. K. N. Raghavan-indianbureaucracy
Dr. K. N. Raghavan-indianbureaucracy

Dr. K. N. Raghavan, Commissioner of Customs, Cochin inaugurated a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification System) newly installed at Ernakulam Wharf of Cochin Port. The RFID is an access control system on digital platform for regulating movement of vehicles, cargo and people into the sensitive wharf area. The system dispenses away with manual checkings and reduces the waiting time at the wharf gates.

Presently, access control of vehicles and persons are done through a manual gate pass system.

The Port Users have registered in the system and have been given RFID tags. These are pasted on the windshield glass and access is granted when the sensor of the system captures and recognizes the vehicle at the gates. The system works on ultra-high frequency signals and every entry and exit of all vehicles are stored in a system of computers, which enables long period of storage with easy retrieval facility of historical data at any point of time.

The introduction of RFID is one of the key steps in the modernization plan of India’s seaports, formulated by the Government of India, for Port Sector security and efficiency enhancement.

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