NSA Ajit Doval kicks-off ‘3rd Young Superintendents of Police Conference & Police Expo-2020’

FICCI haryana police _indian bureaucracy _ajit doval nsa
FICCI haryana police _indian bureaucracy _ajit doval nsa
Indian Bureaucracy News | Shri Ajit Doval, the National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister of India, inaugurated the ‘3rd Young Superintendents of Police Conference’ on Thursday in Gurugram (Haryana) and kicked-off the two-days ‘Police Expo-2020’.  The theme of the Police Expo is ‘new age solutions for effective & efficient policing’. The NSA was invited as the chief guest of the event. The welcome address was delivered by Shri Manoj Yadava (Director General of Police, Haryana). Shri VSK Kaumudi (IPS, DG, BPR&D) and Dr. Sangita Reddy, President, FICCI also graced the event and addressed the dignitaries and young SPs at the event.

Shri Doval, speaking on this occasion, shared his insights on the importance of technology in terms of police functioning and maintaining law and order.  He said, “Newer innovations and technology induction in policing can bring change in the overall implementation and enforcing of laws in this country. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used for security purposes in different districts. It can track the behaviour of criminals and identify them even in a gathering like Kumbh mela. There is plethora of data residing with the various police departments that can be used as a great resource for the internal security. There are more than 25 lakhs police forces in both centre and state with huge repository of data that can turn an asset for the country.”

Talking about the role of police personnel, he said, “The failure to implementing the laws on grounds with the reckoning of laws enacted in parliament cannot be implemented is of no good. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said recently in one of his speeches that if one police station each can do one good deed that reaches the masses, the credibility of the police force is emboldened as there is preconceived notion that if one police officer did anything untoward, it becomes a narrative for the rest.”

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Shri Manoj Yadava, Director General of Police, Haryana in his address talked extensively about the ‘national security prowess’ of the NSA, He said, “Shri Ajit Doval is the last word and authority on the national security matters. He is not only a theorist on national security and but also a practitioner. Technology in policing can be a great asset when police personnel use it in an effective manner.”

Dr. Sangita Reddy, President, FICCI, in her address highlighted the importance of security in holistic economic growth. She said, “If security and development go hand-in-hand, there are less scope of negative consequences. When internal security is minutely taken care of, the overall sentiment of protection is acknowledged. Security is an essential driver in our economic growth. Violence is a huge burden on Indian economy. The public money wasted in violent activities can go into welfare. If internal security is strengthened, it attracts FDI. So, technology can play a crucial role in building a safe and smooth ecosystem to bridge the gap between better policing and masses.”

Shri VSK Kaumudi, IPS, DG, BPR&D said, “It is high time to keep police personnel abreast with technology. This (expo) is a window to cutting edge technology to achieving better police goals. The best practices in smart policing are needed with the emboldened internal security to achieving 5 trillion dollar economy.”

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The two-day police expo embraces cutting-edge technological advancement for the uplift of the internal security and defence equipments that are deciders for security operations and combat by the security forces. This exhibition aims to meet the internal security challenges and to address the contemporary requirements of CAPFs and state police forces. There were various sessions that highlighted the advancements in technology for SMART policing which could be deployed by various law enforcement agencies.

Shri Manoj Yadava and Shri VSK Kaumudi presented mementos to the chief guest of the Police Expo Shri Ajit Doval. Shri Doval released the 2nd edition of Haryana Police Journal and compendium of equipments by BPR&D.

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