MRP reduced by 87% for 390 Anti-Cancer Non-Scheduled Medicines

MRP of 390 Anti-Cancer Non-Scheduled Medicines reduced up to 87%

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA), under Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, put out list of 390 anti-cancer non-scheduled medicines with MRP reduction up to 87%.  The revised prices would come into effect from 8th March, 2019.

On27th February, 2019, NPPA had put 42 anti-cancer drugs under 30% Trade Margin cap.  Manufacturers and Hospitals were directed to convey revised MRP, to be effective from 8th March, 2019, based on the Trade Margin (TM) formula.  390 brands i.e. 91% of the 426 brands reported by manufacturers, showed downward price movement.

The average out of pocket expenditure for cancer patients is 2.5 times that for other diseases.This move is expected to benefit 22 lakh cancer patients in the countryand would result in annual savings of approx. Rs. 800 crores to the consumers.

The Trade Margin rationalisation for 42 anti cancer drugs was rolled out as Proof of Concept, stressing on the new paradigm of self-regulation by the Industry.  The manufacturers of these 42 drugs have been directed not to reduce production volumes of brands under regulation.

The range of reduction is as below: –

Range No. of Brands
75% & above 38
50% to <75% 124
25% to <50% 121
Below 25% 107
Total 390

The full list of brands with revised MRP is available at  Prices of more brands are expected to show downward reduction in near future, as data is received from other manufacturers.

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