MoD Approval | Enhancement of number of Awards and Cash Incentives to NCC Cadets

NCC Cadets
NCC Cadets

Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh has approved the increase in the number of awards given to the cadets of National Cadet Corps (NCC) from the existing 143 to 243 as also the cash incentives in various categories. NCC cadets are now entitled to receive two Raksha Mantri Padaks carrying cash incentive of Rs 30,000 as against one Padak of value Rs 20,000 earlier, four Raksha Mantri Commendations of Rs 20,000 each in place three Commendations of value Rs 15,000 each earlier. Shri Rajnath Singh has also approved a substantial increase in DG’s commendations from the existing 102 to 200.

Raksha Mantri has also approved 9 new Best Cadet Awards for NCC cadets in various categories taking the total number of such awards to 27 and the cash incentive for each award has also been hiked substantially.

These awards are granted during Republic Day Camp in New Delhi.

The proposal to increase the number and incentives of awards has been cleared to enhance the value associated with these awards in the light of changed economic scenario and increase in the strength of cadets from 11,31,083 in the year 2014 to 13,29,202 in 2018.

Details regarding existing and newly-approved NCC Padaks, commendations and awards along with incentives are given below:


Padak & Commendation Cards.

S. No. Award Existing Amount & Nos Approved Amount & Nos Remarks
Raksha Mantri Padak Rs.20,000×1= Rs.20,000. Rs.30,000×2= Rs.60,000. Two NCC Personnel
Raksha Mantri Commendation Rs.15,000×3= Rs.45,000. Rs.20,000×4= Rs.80,000. Four NCC Personnel
Defence Secy Commendation Rs.10,000×10= Rs.1,00,000. Rs.12,000×10= Rs.1,20,000. Ten NCC Personnel
DG’s Commendation Rs.2000×102= Rs.2,04,000. Rs.2500×200= Rs.5,00,000. Two Hundred NCC Personnel
TOTAL Rs.3,69,000. Rs.7,60,000.  


Best cadet Award.

S. No. Category Nos Existing Amount Proposed Amount
Best Cadet Junior Division/Junior Wing (JD/JW) (Army/Navy) 2 Rs.10,000×2= Rs.20,000. Rs.15,000×2= Rs.30,000.
Best Cadet JD/JW (Air) 1 Proposed Rs.15,000
Best Cadet Senior Wing (SW) (Army) 1 Rs.14,000 Rs.21,000
Best Cadet SW (Navy) 1 Proposed Rs.21,000
Best Cadet SW (Air) 1 Proposed Rs.21,000
Best Cadets SD (Army/Navy/Air) 3 Rs.14,000×3= Rs.42,000. Rs.21,000×3= Rs.63,000.
  (vii) II Best Cadet JD/JW (Army/Navy) 2 Rs.4,000×2= Rs.8,000. Rs.6,000×2= Rs.12,000.
II Best Cadet JD/JW (Air) 1 Proposed Rs.6,000
II Best Cadet SW (Army) 1 Rs.10,000 Rs.15,000
II Best Cadet SW (Navy) 1 Proposed Rs.15,000
II Best Cadet SW (Air) 1 Proposed Rs.15,000
 (xii) II Best Cadets Senior Division (SD) (Army/Navy/Air) 3 Rs.10,000×3= Rs.30,000. Rs.15,000×3= Rs.45,000.
III Best Cadets JD/JW (Army/Navy) 2 Rs.2,000×2= Rs.4,000. Rs.3,000×2= Rs.6,000.
III Best Cadets JD/JW (Air) 1 Proposed Rs.3,000
III Best Cadets SW (Army) 1 Rs.4,000 Rs.6,000
III Best Cadets SW (Navy) 1 Proposed Rs.6,000
III Best Cadets SW (Air) 1 Proposed Rs.6,000
III Best Cadets SD (Army/Navy/Air) 3 Rs.4,000×3= Rs.12,000. Rs.6,000×3= Rs.18,000.
Total 27 Rs.1,44,000. Rs.3,24,000.



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