Ministry of Railways status on Reconstruction/Strengthening of Railway Bridges

Railway Bridges
Railway Bridges

PIB News Update: Minister of Railways and Commerce & Industry, Shri Piyush Goyal has informed that As on 01.04.2019, there are 1,50,746 Railway Bridges on Indian Railways’ network. There is a well-established system of inspection of railway bridges in Indian Railways.  All the bridges are inspected twice a year, one before the onset of monsoon and one detailed inspection after the monsoon by the designated officials. Repair / strengthening / rehabilitation / rebuilding of  railway bridges is a continuous process and is undertaken whenever so warranted by their physical condition as ascertained during these inspections. As on 01.04.2019, a total of 4168 Bridges are sanctioned for repair / strengthening / rehabilitation / rebuilding. The data are maintained Zonal Railway wise and not area-wise. The Zone-wise, including tribal area, total ₹ 809.05 crore are allocated as under:

Zonal Railways Central Eastern East Central East Coast Northern North Central North Eastern Northeast Frontier
Fund allocated (Rs. in crore) 83.50 70.70 71.06 40.22 67.51 31.55 24.67 69.04

Zonal Railways North Western Southern South Central South Eastern South East Central South Western Western West Central Total
Fund allocated (Rs. in crore) 26.64 48.39 49.25 46.66 14.28 23.64 78.31 56.61 809.05


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