Massive Open Online Courses by IITs

Online Courses by IITs indian bureaucracy
Online Courses by IITs indian bureaucracy

The Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are being run from the ‘SWAYAM’ portal launched by the Government of India for providing online learning on anyone, anytime, anywhere basis. Out of total (213) Courses available on the SWAYAM portal, (102) courses are prepared by the IITs. The cost of developing the course is met by Government @ Rs. 10 lakhs per course. All the courses on SWAYAM platform are available free of cost and no fee is collected from the students.

UGC and AICTE have issued ‘Credit Framework for online learning courses (MOOCs) through SWAYAM, Regulation 2016’; allowing upto 20% courses, taken Online through SWAYAM, to be counted for academic credit.

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