K Gokulachandran IPS given Inter cadre transfer from Kerala to Himachal Pradesh

Karthikeyan Gokula chandran IPS
Karthikeyan Gokula chandran IPS

Shri Karthikeyan Gokulachandran IPS (Kerala 2014) has been given Inter Cadre transfer from Kerala to Himachal Pradesh on the grounds of his marriage with Ms. Sakshi Verma IPS (Himachal Pradesh 2014), powers conferred under Sub-Rule (2) of Rule 5 of Indian Police Service (Cadre) Rules-1954, and with the concurrence of the Governments of Kerala and Himachal Pradesh, the Central Government.

Indian Bureaucracy Dot Com wishes Shri Karthikeyan Gokulachandran the very best.

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