FICCI | 14th FICCI Higher Education Summit 2018, A Global Conference & Exhibition

  • With over 720 Universities, 45 000 colleges and 31 million students (2013), the Indian Higher Education boasts of having the largest Higher Education system in the world in terms of the number of institutions and of being second-largest in terms of enrollment.
  • Public expenditure on Higher Education is only 1.25% of GDP as compared to 3.1% of USA and 2.6% of Canada. Expenditure on higher education is likely to go up from USD 10.3 bn to USD 30 bn
  • India is expected to be the fastest growing economy by touching a GDP of USD 10 trillion by 2030 and one of the youngest nations in the world with a median age of 27.6 years. Projections show that our country would require a gross incremental workforce of 250 million by 2030


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