EPFO extention of three months’ time for Employers to upload wage details


#EPFOUpdate: In compliance with the Hon’ble Supreme Court order dated 04.11.2022, EPFO introduced an online facility for Validation of Option / Joint Options for pension on higher wages. Initially available from 26.02.2023 to 03.05.2023, the deadline was extended to 26.06.2023 following employee representations.

To facilitate eligible pensioners / members, an additional 15-day window was provided, extending the submission deadline to 11.07.2023. As of this date, a total of 17.49 lakh Applications for Validation of Option / Joint Options have been received.

Responding to further requests from Employers & Employers’ Associations for an extension in the time period for uploading wage details of applicant pensioners / members, a three-month extension was granted, with the new deadline set at 30.09.2023.

Currently, 5.52 lakh Applications for Validation of Option / Joint Options are pending with employers as of 29.09.2023. Considering the ongoing requests, the Chairman, Central Board of Trustees has generously extended the deadline for employers to submit wage details until 31.12.2023. #EPFO #PensionValidation #WageDetailsSubmission

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