Countries support India’s labour inspection reforms


The emphasis of the government is on quality and effectiveness of the labour inspection system rather than mere numbers. We want to bring in an efficient system of compliance for labour legislation with the help of information technology. This was stated by Shri Shankar Aggarwal, Secretary, Labour and Employment, Govt of India in the 104th International Labour Conference in Geneva. Responding to the observations of the Committee of Experts on Application of Conventions and Recommendations, he said that Government of India has taken a major good governance initiative to avoid malpractices in labour inspections. He reiterated that the rights of the inspection authority have not been curtailed at all. The phrase ‘end of Inspector Raj’ does not mean ‘end of inspection system’ but ending malpractices and arbitrariness in the current inspection system. Ministry of Labour and Employment is mandated to safeguard the interest of working class while promoting a conducive working environment for inclusive growth and industrial harmony. We are one of the fastest growing nations with the largest proportion of youth population. Therefore, creation of decent employment for all is the top priority for the government. This means that all avoidable transaction costs and in-efficiencies must be eliminated. Review and updating of labour laws is a continuous process in order to bring them in tune with the emerging needs of globalised and knowledge-based economy.

India is a founding member of ILO and signatory to ILO conventions on labour inspection as well as tripartite consultation. All the proposed amendments to labour laws are being discussed threadbare in appropriate tripartite forums involving government, employers’ organizations and workers’ organizations, and only thereafter, amendments are carried forward.

The countries including Russia, China, Japan, Singapore, Iran, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Ghana, Venezuela Qatar, Fiji and others strongly supported India’s stand. Countries appreciated the commitment of Indian government for social dialogue and decent work. India is the new investment destination of the world and good governance based on transparency, accountability and efficiency needs to be promoted. They were pleased to observe the new Government’s initiatives for promoting an enabling environment for trade and industry by cutting the undue transaction costs for compliance of labour laws in a transparent and accountable manner.

The International Labour Conference of ILO is attended by 185 member countries and is the biggest international forum to discuss all the labour related issues. India is participating with a tripartite delegation led by Minister for Labour & Employment, Shri Bandaru Dattatreya.

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