Conference on IPR for Media and Entertainment Industry Southern Region


The rapid growth of the digital economy, enabled by broadband penetration, and coupled with increases in computing power and storage, creates global markets for content and rights holders. But it also creates a threat that — without adequate controls — piracy will damage the creative industries. Gone are the days where P2P services were used to share the mp3 files. Thanks to the enhanced capacity, the use of streaming is significantly developing to access music and video services, and is the new challenge.

Years of litigation and millions of dollars invested in protecting Intellectual Property have not resolved the issue. As digital media consumption grows rapidly, the number of platforms, devices and distribution channels proliferates, safeguarding content remains a challenge for the Media & Entertainment industry.

To address the IP challenges, Media & Entertainment companies need to devise IP strategy and work with all members of the digital value chain- including internet service providers( ISPs), search engines and new media distributors to find a solution. An effective IP strategy not only protects but drives revenue growth.

Key Topics

Session 1 : Content Production & Digital Market

Session 2: From Script to Screen role of IP

Session 3 : The importance of IP for the sports industry

Session 4: Intellectual Property in Entertainment Industry

Date and Venue
Start Date:Apr 26, 2019 
Venue: Hotel Hilton, , , India

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