Complaint Redressal Mechanism of Indian Railways

Ministry of Railways
Ministry of Railways

Indian Railways has set up different channels of registering passengers complaints/grievances viz., Complaint Books, May I help you booth/Counters at the Stations, All India Help line No.-138, Centralized Public Grievance Redress And Monitoring System – 2 – (CPGRAMS), Complaint Management System (COMS), Social Media etc.

Large numbers of grievances including complaints on poor service/hygiene, negligence of duties etc. are received through these channels which are sent to the concerned authorities for prompt and speedy redressal. Regular, periodical and surprise checks are being conducted at officers/supervisors level and corrective action is taken on deficiency so pointed out.

A system of daily feedback from passengers on quality of services being provided at stations and in trains has been put in place. Feedback so received on quality of services from passengers are analysed and unsatisfactory ones are sent to Division/Zones for appropriate action. wishes the very best.

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