NRDC CMD attends USPTO-WIPO AUTM International Workshop at Washington DC, 30 Countries Participate

CMD NRDC attended USPTO-WIPO AUTM International Workshop
CMD NRDC attended USPTO-WIPO AUTM International Workshop

The United States Patent and Trade Mark Office (USPTO), World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) invited Dr. H. Purushotham, CMD, NRDC through US Embassy in India to attend and give a talk in the International Workshop on Technoloty Transfer and Management of Govt. Intellectual Property from 23rd – 26th July, 2019 at Alexandria, Washington DC.

Technology Transfer experts from 30 countries attended the Workshop and Dr.H. Purushotham, CMD, NRDC is the only official invited for this programme from India and he has delivered a talk on “Technology Transfer: India Approaches”. In his presentation he highlighted the overall scenario of Technology Tranfer from Public Funded Research Institutions to Startups, the opportunities and challenges, the pro-active policies of Govt. to promote Startups in Idnia and opportunities for international collaboration in Technology Transfer. The talk was well received and appreciated.

It was a great learning for India that the Technology Transfer in USA and other developed countries is driven by the Legislative Acts like Bayh-Dole Act and Federal Technology Transfer Act. etc. Because of implantation of these acts and regulations, the Technology Transfer profession is well recognized and developed. As a result the implementation of these Technology Transfer Acts the impacts of technology transfer an socio-economic development of the nation, interns of number of technologies transferred, startups created, new products launched, jobs created and wealth generated etc. is being published every year, which is lacking in India.

Dr. H. Purushotham also visited Rowan University Innovation Centre, Centre for Commercialisation of Innovative Technologies and Biotechnology Development Centre of New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

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