BMTPC invites Research Proposals for Financial Support


Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC) is an autonomous organization under Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation, Govt. of India established in 1990 with an objective to transfer the technology from lab to land in the area of cost effective and alternative building materials and housing technologies. The main areas of work for the Council are:

1. Building Materials & Construction Technologies:
To promote development, standardization, mechanization and large scale field application of proven innovative and emerging building materials and technologies in the construction sector.

2. Capacity Building and Skill Development:
To work as a Training Resource Centre for capacity building and promotion of good construction practices to professionals, construction agencies, artisans and marketing of building technologies from lab to land.

3. Disaster Mitigation & Management:
To promote methodologies and technologies for natural disaster mitigation, vulnerability & risk reduction and retrofitting/ reconstruction of buildings and disaster resistant planning for human settlements.

4. Project Management & Consultancy:
To undertake project management and consultancy services including appraisal, monitoring and third party inspection of housing projects under the various Central/State Schemes.

During the last two decades, BMTPC had initiated large number of research and development activities towards promotion and adoption of various kinds of building materials and housing technologies. To achieve various objectives, the Council prepared and published a number of publications explaining cost effective building materials and housing technologies, standardization of developed products and technologies, capacity building and certification of construction workforce on developed technologies and contribution towards disaster mitigation and management. Organization and participation of Council in various seminars, workshops and exhibitions jointly with networking partners is also one of the important areas of the Council. In recent years due to growing demand towards cost-effective, prefabricated and energy efficient building technologies, the Council has also reoriented its activities and is more focused for identification, research & development, certification and documentation of emerging building materials and housing technologies.

With above background, the Council invites research proposals as per the enclosed format with in the framework of main functional areas for possible financial support. The Principal Investigator should submit five hard copy and softcopy of the duly approved project/research proposal at following address by 31st July, 2014. The projects having industrial partner for commercialization of the technologies with be given preference. The submitted research proposals will be considered for possible financial support by the Committee on R&D for awarding Research Studies. The observations/recommendations of the Committee on R&D will be communicated to Principal Investigator. forwards its best wishes.

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