Army Intensifies Efforts Under Operation Maitri

Opration Maitri
Opration Maitri

Indian Army(IA) today intensified its efforts and is  operating in  syngery with other agencies and stakeholders such as IAF and NDRF under guidance of the Govt of India.  It has been able to reach to far flung areas like Barpak, which is also the epicenter of the earthquake and is currently  in the process of providing succor to the people in this area with an emphasis on saving precious lives.Following stores have been/ are being inducted by the Army :-

(a)        Induction of  4 x ALH and 2 x Cheetah helicopters has been completed and are located close to the epicenter of earthquake, thereby assisting in the overall evacuation effort.

(b)        3 x Field Hospitals (18 Medical Teams) are operating in Kathmandu, Pokhara and areas around it. A 45 Bed Hospital has been established at Lagankhel. Medical resources of Nepalese Authorities have been augmented by embedding own medical persons in civilian hopitals  in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Medical support provided so far includes 65 surgeries, 540 trauma cases and over 2000 first aid cases.

(c)        Engineer effort includes 12 Engineer Task Forces with JCBs and skid steers. Two have reached and 10 are to follow. An Electricity Damage Assessment Team, assisted the Nepalese authorities to restore power in various parts of Kathmandu. A landslide at Narainpur has also been cleared by Engineer Task Force today to open a road axis.

(d)       10,000 Blankets, 1,000 Tents and an equal number of Tarpaulins and Plastic sheet are planned to be sent. So far approximately 3,000 blankets and 100 tents have been sent.

(e)      12 x INMARSAT and 10 x High Frequency Communication sets have been sent to facilitate communication.

(f)        So far, 41 Tons of water, 22 Tonnes of cooked food and dry ration have been sent. In light of its criticality, 25 food and water vehicles were diverted to Sindhupal Chowk.

(g)        Oxygen Cylinders have also been sent to Kathmandu on request of Nepal.

IA’s Everest Expedition team has done yeoman service and as per last reports received, rescued 19 mountaineers of other nations. On 25 Apr 2015, when the avalanche struck, most of the Army Everest Team was at Khumbu ice fall and training and acclimatizing for the expedition. The expedition leader Maj RS Jamwal effectively coordinated the rescue efforts. Maj Ritesh Goel, the Medical Officer with the expedition team, was able to provide immediate medical aid to eight head injury victims in location before they were evacuated.  He also helped stabilize over 60-70 casualties prior to evacuation. The expedition will re commence based on clearance given by Nepal Govt and the Everest Park officials.

Gorkha soldiers of the IA have been sent to various parts of Nepal to ascertain the requirements in remote places. The IA remains committed for relief to the Nepalese people and we will continue to provide necessary support.

An Army Help desk has been established at Communications Centre, Sena Bhawan, New Delhi wishes the very best.

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