7th CPC recommendation on Disability Pension of Ex-Servicemen

Pension of Ex-Servicemen-Indian Bureaucracy
Pension of Ex-Servicemen-Indian Bureaucracy

Government vide Notification dated 30th September 2016 have issued detailed recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission relating to pensionary benefits of Defence Forces Personnel and the decisions taken thereon by the Government.  The 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) recommended the following on disability pension:-

The Commission is of the considered view that the regime implemented post VI CPC needs to be discontinued, and recommended a return to the slab based system.  The slab rates for disability element for 100 percent disability would be as follows:

Rank Levels Rate per month (INR)
Service Officers 10 and above 27000
Honorary Commissioned Officers
Subedar  Major / Equivalents 6  to  9 17000
Subedar / Equivalents

Subedar / Equivalents

Havildar / Equivalents 5  And  below 12000
Naik / Equivalents
Sepoy / Equivalents

The above recommendation has been accepted with the approval of the Cabinet and Resolution dated 30.09.2016 issued accordingly.

The 6th CPC dispensation of the calculation of disability element on percentage basis, however, continues for civil side which has resulted in an anomalous situation.  The issue has accordingly been referred to the Anomaly Committee.


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