7 ways to sneak out time for a quick workout in a busy schedule

7 ways to sneak out time for workout in a busy job and save your
7 ways to sneak out time for workout in a busy job and save your

We all want to have a dream physique, lead a healthy life and exercise daily but a busy 10-12 hour job at times make us wonder how’s that possible actually. Sharing few ways which may help you start your fitness journey:

(I) Make a to-do list – Yes, same like you manage your daily job by setting the priorities of tasks to be done during the day. You need to make a to-do list for your daily life too, mention daily workout routine as one of the important task. It may be difficult at the start but once you start finding ways to sneak out time after office by heart, you will see the doors opening and ideas clicking. It’s your health; nobody else is going to do it for you.

(II) Home-workout apps – It is not necessary to buy a gym membership or look for a nearby park to perform your workout in order to stay healthy. Little space at home (whether it’s a terrace, guest room or a balcony etc.) with guidance is what that matters. There are number of home workout apps available on playstore these days which actually guide you and display how a particular exercise has to be performed and devise an exercise plan for you depending upon your starting level. You can choose the right plan for yourself (easy, medium or hard as per your level). Home workouts devised by apps are such that they don’t require any gym equipment.

(III) Don’t fix a time limit for workout – There will be days in a job when you won’t be able to sneak out much time for a workout or you are totally stressed out. No problem, if you got just 25 mins for workout, utilize that valuable time for exercise. Trust me it will help you feel better. I see people have a mindset that you atleast  need to workout for a minimum of 1 hour, yes, if you got time perform your whole workout, if not, then try to increase the intensity of the workout and finish it within the time you got in hand. Remember something is better than nothing; you are doing better than a person sitting on couch and binge eating.

(IV) Buy a gym membership or hire an online fitness expert – If you are kind of a person, who needs a push then both these options may help you out. Buying a gym membership may create a sense of commitment in one’s mind, one may or may not be able to fully utilize the gym fees but that’s nothing against what you may have to pay to a doctor. Try buying a membership of a gym which remains open for 24 hrs a day, it will allow you the flexibility to exercise at any point of the day. Also, a hired online fitness expert can act as a mentor, guide you on both nutrition and exercise aspects and keep you motivated throughout the day.

(V) Look for a gym partner amongst your office colleagues – Discuss about exercise, nutrition and health aspects with your office colleagues during lunch break or free time and see who possess same interest like you or you may find a colleague who has already been doing it since long time, you can learn how they are managing their lives and still able to exercise daily or you can start your exercise routine with them.

(VI) Set fitness goals for yourself – You have career goals, family goals, travel goals but no fitness or health goals, why? You will see once you set goals you start planning, start making effort, start managing time, you do preparations and calculations and finally you are able to achieve it. Whether a travel or career goal or a fitness goal, same process needs to be set & followed to achieve them. Health is wealth and it’s a priority not a time pass activity, a healthy person can fulfill all other goals easily.

(VII) Share your progress on social media – I didn’t want to mention this point but the current modern time compelled me to actually mention it. People these days look for likes, comments, shares online to stay motivated, yes, social media is a powerful tool and has become a daily ritual. Your fitness or body transformation progress over social media may inspire your social circle and also compel you to define further fitness goals. Yes, but power of social media at times can help you achieve something you would have never thought of. It will help you keep going.

Please remember, I have just suggested few ways which may help you to kick start your fitness journey but inner drive is what actually matters the most. The day you decide by heart to get fit for your family, children, friends and more importantly for yourself, nobody can stop you.


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About the Author : Lucky Gaur is an INFS Certified Fitness and Nutrition Consultant and a Diploma holder  in Naturopathy & Yogic Science, All India Nature Cure Federation. The views expressed in the article are his personal. 

To Contact: nattygaur@gmail.com

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