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7 ways to sneak out time for a quick workout in a busy schedule

7 ways to sneak out time for workout in a busy job and save your

We all want to have a dream physique, lead a healthy life and exercise daily but a busy 10-12 hour job at times make us wonder how’s that possible actually. Sharing few ways which may help you start your fitness journey:

(I) Make a to-do list – Yes, same like you manage your daily job by setting the priorities of tasks to be done during the day. You need to make a to-do … Read More

How to avoid lower back pain in a sitting job?

Back pain

Are you a regular office goer and suffering from lower back pain | Lower back issues are very common these days and numbers are on a rise especially amongst the people who are involved in a sitting job with long working hours. Our jobs and careers demand us to be in front of desktop or laptop more often than any other activity. If you are a regular office goer and suffering… Read More

Can Bluelight emission from smartphone lead to a disturbed sleep cycle?

Bluelight emission from your smartphone can lead to a disturbed sleep cycle

Experiencing disturbed sleep cycle at night? Your smartphone is the problem | Whenever we discuss about the pyramid of health and wellness, on top comes the sleep, then your nutrition and in last exercise. Daily recommended sound sleep shall be around 6-8 hours. A sound sleep helps body in maintaining balance of the hormones. It also supports brain productivity,… Read More