Why Women Should Use NREGA Job Card?


Why Women Should Use NREGA Job Card?

The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), previous recognized as the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA), has reliably stood as a pivotal legislative achievement in India. It ensures that rural households, in which adult members volunteer for unskilled manual labour, receive a minimum of 100 days of wage employment each year.

Though the program has the purpose of advantaging both men and women, many existing reasons are there that women must go for it actively. If you are a female, you should explore about nrega job card and get one for yourself. After all, there are numerous reasons that you should go for it, and a few of them are as under:


Poverty Mitigation and Livelihood Diversification 

The focus of this NREGA program is on offering employment during lean agricultural seasons, promising a stable source of income for rural families. For females, this simply means an alternative source of livelihood that can reduce or mitigate the susceptibilities associated with traditional agricultural work. By diversifying their overall income sources, women can easily choose to contribute to poverty reduction and boost household food security.

Economic Independence for Empowerment 

Women must use the NREGA card for jobs their as it gives them the opportunity for economic empowerment. In diverse rural areas, females are often economically marginalized and reliant on male family members for financial provision. By taking part in NREGA activities, females can earn a steady income, hence gaining a sense of economic independence and get confidence too. This newborn self-sufficiency can lead to an enhanced level of decision-making power inside their households and even communities.

Higher Social Status and Better Self-Esteem 

With engagement in NREGA work, women can feel more confident about themselves. They can develop socially and ensure that they have a higher level of self-esteem. of course, whom females see that they are also contributing economically and they are independent financially, they can experience a sense of achievement that keeps their selflove high. They experience respect and regard in their families and the society as a whole.

Gender Equality and rights of women 

Active participation of females in NREGA can play a role in advancing gender equality. It works as a platform to challenge gender-based discrimination and even stereotypes, endorsing the idea that women are in a position to perform different tasks traditionally considered male-oriented. Enhanced level of female participation also sends a robust message about the importance of women’s rights and even equal access to opportunities.

Ensures Skill Development and Capacity Building 

The NREGA program promises women opportunities for skill development and capacity building. Females who choose to participate in various projects, such as water conservation, even infrastructure development, and afforestation, can gather valuable skills that are transferable to other employment opportunities. This can open doors for higher-paying jobs beyond the scope of NREGA, contributing to their overall long-term economic development.

Better Health and Education  

The extra income generated through NREGA can get invested in improved health and education outcomes for females and their families. This can result in better nutrition, healthcare access, and even educational opportunities for children, breaking the overall cycle of inter-generational poverty.


To sum up, if females use the NREGA card, it can prove to be important for their empowerment, economic development, gender equality, and overall rural development. Not just this, females should avail all the schemes, and they can keep a check also like they can check pm kisan gov in status online in the present time.

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