United States Ambassador to India Mr. Richard Rahul Verma on Friday asked India to release its regulatory grip over its higher education system to enable leading universities and institutes of academic excellence in US and other part of the globe to open up their campuses here to cement Indo-US partnership in the field of higher education.

Addressing a Panel Discussion on ‘Reimaging the Future’ organized here today under aegis of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ambassador said, “regulatory regime in India, particularly in its higher education system is stiffer and firmer that has halted institutions of academic excellence to set up their campuses in India even though India and US have closely been cooperating in the areas of space, defence, research, agriculture and ocean sciences”.

“What is needed as also called for are successive attempts on the part of the Indian government so that its regulatory grip over its higher education system is released earlier than anticipated to make sure that leading universities are able to expand in countries like India so that the partnership is further intensified and multiplied and the quality of education undergoes a massive transformation”, he said.

The alluded issue is very much in the knowledge of the Prime Minister Mr. Modi and US administration is hopeful that the referred grip would gradually snip away and the two largest democracies of the world begin to cooperate in the field of higher education also as India is the second largest country in the world whose students immigrate towards US for attainment of higher education, pointed out Ambassador Verma.

Presiding over the Panel Discussion, Purdue University President and Former Governor of Indiana, Mr. Mitch Daniels said that ethics should be made one of the subjects mandatory in the syllabi of management education in India.

In his welcome remarks, President, PHD Chamber, Mr. Alok B. Shriram suggested that the evolving education system in general and that of higher education in particular need to grow and get diversified to serve the emerging needs of the modern businesses with an element of practicality in it.

Among others who participated on the occasion consisted of CEO, Greenoil Energy Sciences Ltd. Mr. Anupam Jalote; Purdue University Goodson Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Executive Vice President for Research and Partnerships, Mr. Suresh Garimella, Co-Chairperson of the Education Committee of the Chamber Dr. Rubina Mittal and Secretary General, PHD Chamber, Mr. Saurabh Sanyal.

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