Thales: Worldwide avionics selections for the first 6 months of 2016


At the Farnborough Airshow, Thales announces its Flight Management Systems and T³CAS surveillance platforms have been selected on over 400 Airbus single-aisle aircraft.

With more than 20 airline selections over the past six months, Thales continues as global leader on the FMS market with 70 % market share and on the T³CAS surveillance solution one of our most successful selectable products on airbus aircraft since 2014, with about 50% of linefit selections.

Across Asia and Europe, the group achieved key selections early 2016 for avionics packages including the FMS and T³CAS with Hong Kong Express on 24 aircraft, easyJet that selected T³CAS for their A320 NEO and CEO fleet totalling 136 aircraft and the IAG group for their single aisle fleet.

The group also recorded several breakthrough selections in the Americas including Azul, Volaris, VIVa on A320NEO and CEO fleets and undisclosed airlines totalling over 180 aircraft.

A large number of contracts signed also include the Thales Low Range Radio Altimeter (LRRA) and the Thales/Kannad ELT Integra Emergency Locator Transmitters.
Key Points
· Contracts for over 400 Airbus aircraft in the past six months

· Customers include Volaris, VIVa, Azul, Easyjet, the IAG group and Hong Kong Express

· 70% market share for FMS and 47% market share for T³CAS on Airbus aircraft linefit selections in 2015
“These record sales are for us proof of the continued trust airlines place in our Topflight Flight management system and Thales/ACSS T³CAS surveillance solution comforting our position on the market with about 47% of Airbus linefit selections.” Daniel Malka, Thales VP and General Manager for Avionics Services Worldwide. wishes the very best.

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