Talking technology in common man’s lingo…in the words of a Bureaucrat

Mithileshwar Thakur_IRS ME_indianbureaucracy_Data Security
Mithileshwar Thakur_IRS ME_indianbureaucracy_Data Security

Public speaking is all about establishing connect with the audience, striking a chord, matching frequency with that of listeners and attaining complete synchronization. That requires speaker to ascertain the profile of the target audience and assess their capacity and capability and wavelength.

The world is fast going technical and there is no escape from this . The need of the hour is to demystify technology and take it to the masses in order to make everyone a part of the wonderful journey towards transformation.  Common man will not and need not understand the complex concepts of algorithm. Technology for them is a simple tool , a medium to make lives easier and better .  And it is here where Public Speakers can render great service by popularizing and propagating technology in the language of the proverbial Aam Aadmi .  Talking technology in the language of non-technical people by using analogies , anecdotes and real-life examples is the answer to fill the knowledge-gap .

Simplicity in expression is the not the easiest of things to accomplish.  Contrary to the popular belief, it can come only with the best of understanding and mastery in communication skill .  There is a tendency among public speakers to sound unique, uncommon and different and in an effort to accomplish this objective they usually tend to sound technical, use high sounding ornamental words, use uncommon idioms, jargons and expressions leaving everyone around high and dry . Simplicity in narration comes from clarity in thought . Mahatma Gandhi’s writing is one such glaring example .  The world largely remained deprived of the gems of knowledge and wisdom from Vedas and other great scriptures due to conscious attempt by the educated elite to confine it to the language they only understood i.e. Sanskrit . The result is there for everyone to see . The growth and dissemination of technology must not meet the same fate . And that casts a great responsibility on Public Speakers to not let that happen .

About the Author: Shri Mithileshwar Thakur is presently posted with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry , Govt of India at New Delhi and the views expressed are his own. Shri Thakur is a Gold Medallist in B. Tech (Mechanical Engineering) and recipient of merit scholarship and topper of university /board at all levels.

Prior to joining Indian Civil Service, he has worked as member of IRS in Indian Railways and as Engineer in well reputed companies like NTPC, Tata Motors and Tata Steel. He has served as visiting faculty to many reputed institutions like IIT, Kharagpur; National Academy of Customs, Excise and Narcotics; Indian Institute of Foreign Trade; RBI officers ‘Training Institute ; Narsee Monjee Institute of Management to name a few. . His areas of interest also include Intellectual Property Right issues, Cyber laws , regularly contributes to the reputed magazines and newspapers.  He has presided over many functions and seminars organised by reputed Chambers of Commerce & Industry like FICCI, CII, FIEO, Indian Chamber of Commerce etc. He had been Government nominated member of the working group set up by the Govt for Local Currency Trade. He has also been a Key Speaker and panellist in many important forums and has also represented the Government outside India on important platforms.

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