Suresh Prabhu dedicates New Freight Terminals and 3 Freight Trains

Freight Terminals-IndianBureaucracy
Freight Terminals-IndianBureaucracy

Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhu dedicated/flagged off the following through Video Conferencing from Rail Bhavan. Speaking on the occasion, Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhu said that “Kerala is a state with high population density with not much urban rural divide, so demand for public transport is high. Providing intercity transport for Kerala is important. This new train would cater to the needs of people of Kerala. Stoppages and timings of this train has been taken care of based on the suggestions from the representations from the state.”

1.Dedicated New Freight Terminals under Mission Hundred & flagged off Freight Trains from following Freight Terminals:

a. Adani, Kila Raipur,

b.Penna Cement, Tandur,

c.CONCOR, ICD, Khemli

2. Flagged off 1st High Axle Load Steel Carrier rake under Special Freight Train Operator (SFTO) policy from Jamshedpur and

3. Flagged off Train No 16791/16792 from Punalur to Palakkad.

Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu added that for Railway, Freight is important segment. Change in freight policies are always required.These new 45 Freight terminals inaugurated today are a next step of changes in freight policy. The High Axle Load train is a customised rolling stock based on need of customers. Challenge for Railways is to run passenger and cargo train on same track & maintain the punctuality. Our traffic has grown 65 times and handling capacity has just grown to 4 times. To maintain punctuality is a challenge, we are working for it.


New Freight Terminals under 

●       While presenting Rail Budget for the year 2016-17, it was announced by the Hon’ble Minister of Railways that Indian Railways would develop/ commission at least hundred freight terminals on private investment in the next 2 years.

●   The siding policy enables to provide rail-connectivity and construction of private sidings at the door-step of party’s factory/premises.  Private siding is only for end-users who owns a plant/ manufacturing unit or production units/ mines for his exclusive use. However, one co-user is permitted with permission of Chief Operations Manager of the concerned zonal railway.  To enable the terminal management to handle third party cargo, a scheme namely ‘Private Freight Terminal (PFT)’ is also in existence.

●   The capital cost for construction of private siding is borne by the siding owner from the take-off point to the serving station. For providing rail-connectivity, railway land is provided by Railway on prescribed lease rent.

●  The siding owner can opt for bearing the cost of traffic facilities (common-user facilities) that are to be normally borne by the Railways.  In such cases, a fixed freight discount of 10% on outward traffic only is granted for a maximum period of 10 years or till recovery of investment made by the Party, whichever is earlier.

● The  main advantages of party’s own terminal are –

○       Door to door transport service.

○       Better control over transport need of the business.

○       Reduction in multi handling of cargo and thereby reduction in production cost and also damage free transportation of cargo.

○       The PFTs are managed by logistic provider and gives unique opportunity to them for expansion of business through rail connectivity to their terminal.

●       Development of private freight terminal is in win-win situation for both Railways and the investor industries.

●       During the year 2016-17, 45 freight terminals (i.e. 30 Private Sidings & 15 PFTs) have been commissioned.  These freight terminals will be dedicated to the nation and freight trains from three terminals i.e. Kila Raipur in the state of Punjab (Northern Railway), Tandur in the state of Telangana (South Central Railway) and  Khemli in the state of Rajasthan (North Western Railway) will be flagged off on 19.04.2017.


High Axle Load Steel Coil Carrying Rake

●       Special Freight Train Operator (SFTO) scheme introduced to increase rail share of the non-traditional commodities like CR Coils, molasses, fly ash, edible oil, caustic soda, chemical, petrochemicals, alumina & bulk cement,

●       Approval granted to M/s TM International Logistics Ltd to procure 3 rakes of BFNS wagons with 22.9t axle load.

●       Specially designed 22.9t axle load wagons with V-Groove and rubber liners for movement of Cold Rolled Steel coils which are susceptible to damage in ordinary wagons and require special design.

●       These wagons will have approximately 19% higher payload of 64.89t.

●       The BFNS rakes would move between TWS siding of Tata Steel on Chakradharpur Division of South Eastern Railway and TISR siding of Tata Steel on Chennai Division of Southern Railway.

●       For each loading a freight rebate of 12% will be granted for 20 years on the prevailing freight rate at the time of booking.

●       This rake shall be a winning proposition for Indian Railways and Tata Steel in terms of assured and dedicated traffic and incremental business.

Passenger Express Train No 16791/16792 from Punalur to Palakkad

Ministry of Railways is introducing Train No. 16791/16792   Punalur-Palakkad ‘Palaruvi’ Express (Daily) on 19.04.2017.




351 Km


GS-9, SLR-2 = 11 Coaches.


PM: Tirunelveli, OEA: Palakkad


Punalur-Palakkad 35.39 kmph,

Palakkad-Punalur 37.60 kmph

Rake required:

Rake available with Southern Railway


Punalur-Kollam – Diesel,

Kollam-Palakkad – AC

The train schedule will be as under:

T. No.16791

Punalur-Palakkad Palaruvi express










T. No.16792 Palakkad-Punalur Palaruvi Express

03.20 (D)


01.25 (A)

04.40/04.55 (A/D)


23.50/23.55 (A/D)

09.35/09.35 (A/D)

Ernakulam Town

19.05/19.10 (A/D)

12.20 (T)

Shoranur ‘B’

17.00 (T)

13.20 (A)

Palakkad Jn.

16.00 (D)

Stoppages: Auvaneeswaram, Kottarakara, Ezhukone, Kundara, Kilikollur, Kollam, Perinad, Munroturuttu, Sasthankotta, Karunagapalli, Ochira, Kayankulam, Mavelikara, Cheriyanad, Chengannur, Tiruvalla, Changasseri, Kottayam,Kuruppantara, Vaikom Road, Piravam Road, Mulanturutti, Tripunittura, Ernakulam Town, Aluva, Thrisur, Ottapalam

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