Stock of Coal with Power Utilities

Coal Mines
Coal Mines

As on 28th April, 2016, the coal stock position reported by the power utilities was 35.92 Million Tonnes(MT) as against 29.76 MT as on 30th April, 2015.

The coal stock, as on 31st March, 2016, was the highest in last four years. The details of coal stock position in the thermal power plants are as under:

S. No. Coal Stock as on Coal Stock (MT)
1 31.03.2013 18.98
2 31.03.2014 20.29
3 31.03.2015 26.10
4 31.03.2016 38.87

As the actual coal stock position was 31.17 MT, which is sufficient to operate the plants for 23 days as against the normative coal stock position of 28.45 MT to operate the plants for 21 days. Further, these power plants receive coal on daily basis and consume it based on their daily requirement in line with the generation schedule given to the plants. Hence, the coal stock is not static and is not stored for a long time.

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