Security requirements of Museums


Government of India, for ensuring safety and security of Museums and its artefacts, has formulated a comprehensive Security Policy for all Museums under its control. As per recommendations contained in the Security Policy, Govt. has directed all museums to implement following:

  1. Automated Boom Barriers and Under Vehicle scanners at the entry and exit gates.
  2. Relocating and upgrading personnel frisking and baggage screening points at the entry and exit gates.
  3. Provision of required number of right type of Hand Held Metal Detector (HHMD), Door Frame Metal Detector (DFMD) and baggage screening machines.
  4. IP based CCTV facility at identified locations linked to the Security control room.
  5. Provision of security lights at desired locations.
  6. Use of RFID (radio frequency identification device) tags for entry and exit of every individual.
  7. RFID tags for museum objects.
  8. Key management through RFID system.
  9. Intruder Alarm System alongwith Infrared based security system.
  10. Dedicated Security Force for museums and monuments.
  11. Review and Rectification of all the security measures at each and every time.
  12. Fixing periodicity of checks of security provisions including efficiency of security  personnel at the museums.

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